Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Friday everyone :) wow, I understand our really cold snowy weather has hit the mid-west and other parts by now .. I sympathize with any of you that is enduring what the first of our week was like .. took until yesterday for a lot of people to finally get their power back .. finally our weather is more typical for November/December, bitter cold at night, but rainy during the day. I hope everyone stays safe and warm this week :)

Can't believe it's December 1st! I'm pretty much on target for what I need and want to get accomplished .. DH and I went through the kids lists and made our decisions about what to get them .. I've always worked off lists for the holidays, much easier to get people what they want/need then to get them something they'll end up returning. My boys are 24 and 18 .. Chris is 24 and married Monica on 9/23/06 and Robert is my 18 yr old. It shouldn't take too long to finish their shopping up early next week .. then it's just my brother's family and the two Dads and we'll be done :) I like the sounds of that!

I think I'm almost done decorating the inside of the house, except for our tree which we don't do until the 15th .. we still get a real tree and don't want it to dry out. Tomorrow DH should finish the outside lights .. couple more things to scratch off my list. Tomorrow I'm doing my holiday baking with my bf Lisa .. we are doing smaller this year .. picked 4 different types of cookies .. should go quickly. Then the kids and I are taking DH to dinner and a movie for his bd. Sunday DH has a meeting with a client, so I'll head out and run errands .. I got the frame for This House Believes, so I'll head to Michaels to get it framed .. the off to shop for our last two adopt-a-childs for work .. Boeing supports lots of holiday was to give .. my group adopted 4 stockings (2 seniors and 2 kids) and 4 foster kids through the adopt-a-child program. My group is great in supporting all kinds of holiday gift giving programs .. as long as they don't have to shop lol .. which is fine, cause I love shopping .. so they throw money my way, I do the shopping and they all help to wrap and get everything together to hand over to the various agencies .. perfect match don't ya think?

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I'm off to stitch ..

night .. Michele :)

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Sally said...

Hi Michele. Hope you're well and having a great weekend! What are you stitching on?