Sunday, December 10, 2006

Whew, what a weekend! lol .. but it seems I got everything done I wanted too .. and did a little stitching too :) Started Family by L*K, really quick stitch .. I do like these L*K ornaments .. wonder what they'll come up with for 2007??

Sunday started with breakfast with my kids, and then a trip to see Santa for our yearly family picture .. the kids were cool about the picture, as long as none of them had to sit on Santa's lap! lol Can't wait to see how it turns out. Later in the afternoon I went to see The Nativity Story and dinner with a couple of gf's. The movie was very good .. nice to be reminded about what this time of year really is all about :)

Here's the picture of my last finish. This ornament was from a class I took in October at the Pals Fall Fling .. the designer is MDesigns .. Mary is a kick, her classes were great fun and the designs, although a bit different, are really fun to stitch. The tree is except for the star on top. I was going to use the suggested silver braid, but I ran out .. so I'm going to add a white star button to the top instead.
Image hosted by
by sassy_mom2
Looks like this coming week will be busy busy busy .. seems we have something going each night .. should be fun! lol

Shelleen .. I'll have to think about joining Elf night on Mondays, nice way to start the week don't ya think?
Maryann .. I know what you mean about rotating .. I always start out with good intentions .. but then .. who knows lol
Sally .. What exactly do you mean by a focus piece? You've got me curious! lol

Thanks for the comments ladies :)

Hugs, Michele


Mary Ann said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. And, I love the M Designs Christmas tree, very pretty!

Sally said...

Hi Michelle,
Your M Designs Christmas Tree is gorgeous.

Oh yes, focus piece, I really should have explained myself! That is the piece I choose to work on every other week in my rotation. That way that piece gets done quicker than any of the others! LOL!