Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thank you Marion ...

I received the pretty squares today from Marion. The stitching is wonderful and I love the delicate look. I'm really enjoying the Fair and Square exchanges. This was my 6th round and every square has been wonderful and oh so different. I think I might finish these into a biscornu or maybe a pinkeep.

Our summer has finally arrived .. we've had lovely 70 degree weather and it's supposed to be in the 80's this weekend .. for me, that is the perfect summer weather!
I don't have any stitching to show ... mostly I've been doing exchange stitching which hasn't arrived to their owner's yet .. plus I realized over the weekend that I forgot to take any pictures before I mailed off everything! owell, I guess I'll have to do some stealing later lol :) I have been doing some "me" stitchin once I got my exchanges done .. I'll post some pictures this weekend of my wips.
Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday! It's payday tomorrow! WOO HOO!!!!! lol

Monday, June 16, 2008

I left my heart in San Francisco ...

Terry and I had a wonderful 3 days in San Fancisco. What a city! So much to do and see .. we have a huge lists of "must do's" when we go back. We arrived on Thursday afternoon .. checked to our hotel and spent the evening investigating Fisherman's Wharf. We found this great restaurant/blue's club called Lou's. We spent a couple of hours there listening to some really good music.

Friday started with breakfast at Starbucks (of course I found one! lol .. actually I think they have more in SF that we do!) and then off to catch a cable car and head downtown. The cable cars are really fun to ride, but you need to be aware that the locals use them too .. and sometimes they aren't very nice if you don't get out of their way fast enough! Terry had a bit of a run in on Saturday with an older oriental gentleman, but hey, we're on vacation and don't have a care in the world .. just smiled and tried to say out of their way. We spent all day downtown, walking around and just enjoying the city. Terry's an architect and his main goal for the day was to see as much SF architecture as he could see and to take as many pictures as he could. I put all the photos in my webshots album .. he really took some great pictures. One of the highlights was going into the Palace Hotel. WOW it was incredible! Sooo much gold and crystal and flowers .. it was truly beautiful. We were going to have lunch there .. but there weren't any prices on the menu and we weren't feeling that rich! lol I connected with Edgar and we were going to meet after work. Well, we did meet up, but he was really not feeling well .. I won't go into gory details .. we just decided to try again for Saturday! lol We headed back to our hotel, took a bit of a nap and then went to dinner and more exploring. We ended the evening at Buena Vista Cafe. My neighbor had recommended this cafe for their Irish Coffees. Boy was he right. They are famous for them and for good reason. Terry and I ended up their both Friday and Saturday nights .. slept really well :) lol

On Saturday we took a one hour bay cruise .. the cruise takes you out to the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz Island. It was really an informative and fun cruise. They took everyone's picture before getting on the boat .. we decided to buy it, it's really a good picture of the two of us .. and that doesn't happen all the time! lol You might notice a bit of "green" around my hair .. We couldn't figure out what was going on, but then realized that the screen we stood in front of was a green screen .. my hair highlights must have liked that color! lol

After the cruise we taxi'd to the Palace of Fine Arts .. such a beautiful building and there is a lake and park there too. They are in the middle of a huge renovation. I really want to see it when they are done with it. Later on Saturday we headed to meet up with Edgar .. finally! We found a nice mexican restaurant for dinner .. although Edgar still wasn't wanting to eat anything lol .. we had the best visit with Edgar! He's very much like he comes across on his blog, very easy to spend time with and has a great sense of humor! Terry really enjoyed talking to him .. and listening to us talk about stitching! lol .. Terry even piped up with a comment or two :) My only regret was we didn't get to meet Ricco *sad pouty face* .. I think the three of us were quite surprised that over 3 hours had past while we talked and ate. Thanks Edgar for spending time with us .. we will definately be back! Scary eh?!
We flew home on Sunday .. in time to have Father's Day dinner with the kids. Chris and Monica got back from their London/Paris trip on Thursday .. so we spent the evening hearing about all there adventures and looking at about 400 pictures! lol .. there's a select few in my webshots album .. but not all 400! lol They had a great 10 days there .. really enjoyed Paris. They were only there for one day and one night .. they would love more time there next time :)
A little stitching talk before I publish this post ... I received my 4th of July Fair and Square exchange from Melita. I just love the squares she stitched for me. I think they will look great as a flat fold or pinkeep :)

here's a pictures of the goodies she sent .. Love the star fabric! Thanks again Melita!

Well I think that's enough jabbering for one day .. if you made it this far .. hope you enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea while you were reading! And thank you for all your lovely comments and anniversary wishes, they mean the world to me :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you're going to San Francisco

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ... well we are off on a short vacation, just DH and I .. yep we're off to lovely SF! and I can't wait! We've never spent anytime in the city so we have our walking shoes and well watch out SF here we come!

Our wedding anniversary is Saturday, June 14th, I'm thinking drinks at the Top of the Mark is called for .. don't you? It's our 33rd anniversary!

And I'm hoping we get to meet up with Edgar! I hope our schedules work out .. will be fun to meet another stitcher/blogger :)

Thanks all for your comments from my last post .. you all had me really laughing out loud! lol :) I'm off to shower and finish packing .. our plane leaves at 12:30 today. Hope everyone enjoyes their weekend and get lots of stitching done! See ya when I'm back on Sunday ...

I'm grateful for 33 years ...

Midge :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Who am I ...

I got home from work on Thursday and there was this little box on the kitchen table with the rest of the mail. It was addressed to Madeline Walker. DH said it must be for you, but don't your stitching friends know your name? I thought it was kinda strange to, but didn't think too much about it .. not until I opened the package and started laughing, I mean laughing out loud .. I'm sure DH thought I'd lost my mind! This is a PIF from Ruthie, a good stitching friend that just can't seem to get my name right. She wrote this lovely little letter telling me why she stitched the reindeer for me and how this was one of her mom's old spools ... but she opened the letter calling me Mavis! Told you, I'm totally confused about who I am .. see this same Ruth Ann called me Margo and Midge all throughout the Fall Fling last October! I guess I'm just going to have to make a bigger nametag! Ruthie .. I love ya girlfriend! Here's the darling PIF she sent me ... I think this is truly my smallest reindeer! He's adorable!

I saw this online last week and just had to own it! I just love it! Now to work it into my ever growing rotation schedule ...

I've been stitching a lot this last week, but don't have much to show because it's all exchange stitching .. but I did start Earth Laughs on Monday ... OHHHH I love this fabric and all the colors ... this will be a fun stitch for sure.

My weekend has been really good .. Lisa and I went and saw Sex and the City Friday night. We started out at PF Chang's for drinks and lettuce wraps, salt and pepper shrimp and garlic pea pods .. then it was off to the movie. We really enjoyed it! Very funny and I thought it stayed true to the TV series pretty well. Terry and Robert went to see Kung Fu Panda with a few of Robert's friends .. it was definately a hit. Saturday and Sunday we worked about the house .. ya know the usual like laundry, grocery shopping, bathrooms .. all that fun stuff.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend .. your blogs have been pretty busy .. it's always a delight to check in with you all. And keep those comments coming ... I really enjoy reading them!

I'm grateful for dinner and a movie with my BFF ...

Margo *grin*

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Woo Hoo It's June 1st!

Thought I'd try and be positive about June being here, instead of the usual, where the hell did May go? lol June is one of the busiest months of the year for us. June brings my Dad's birthday (19th), my wedding anniversary (14th) my brother's wedding anniversary (19th), Father's Day, Josh's birthday (1st - nephew), 2 high school graduations (Josh and Travis, Lisa's son) and a couple of vacations .. Chris and Monica leave for London/Paris on the 2nd, returning the 12th and Terry and I are going to San Fransciso the 12th through the 15th for our anniversary. Whew .. I'm sure I missed something important too! lol

I heard that my biscornu arrived safe and sound it it's new owner. Here's the finished picture. It's a freebie design from Dinky Dyes, stitched with their Ocean Grove silk. I also sent along a pair of blue scissors.

I received a lovely PIF from Michelle .. There's a stitched bookmark, garden gloves, pink ribbon, a magnetic notepad and my favorite candy, M&M's :)

Here's a close up the stitched bookmark .. I just adore this pattern. The word Joy and the search for Joy in my everyday life has been a part of me for a few years now. I will definately be using this bookmark and remembering my Joy and my new found stitching friend. Michelle and I have traded a few emails here and there about health issues and stitching. I've really enjoyed getting to know her. And now I have something stitched by her .. such fun! Thank you Michelle :)

a close up of "Joy"

I finally feel like I'm getting over this head cold crud I've been battling .. hope it doesn't come back! Our weekend has been good. We spent Saturday morning with my FIL, had a nice brunch with him and then went to his house to play with the puppy, who's growing like crazy. Weighs about 12 pounds now. I forgot my camera :( he is a great looking Lasha and my FIL is enjoying him a lot! After our visit we went to check out Frye's, it's a new electronics store around here. The boys definately enjoyed it! lol .. got home about 2ish, did some housework, read my book for a while (I'm reading the 2nd of a new Nora Robert's trilogy, The Hollow). I'm loving this new trilogy. Later Terry, Robert and I went to dinner and then to the new Indiana Jones movie. They had seen it last weekend, but wanted me to see it .. I really enjoyed it. Harrison is such a cutie, even at his age! lol

Today I've been watching the Nascar race at Dover, NH .. this is a really fun track to watch. Catching up on emails, blogs and getting ready to finish up my 4th of July Fair & Square stitching .. mailing date is tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend full of fun and family and of course stitching!

Oh and before I forget, there's a giveway on the Stitch Pink blog. I'm offering up the Survivor Tree by MDesign .. come over and leave a comments and get entered in the drawing. If you haven't visited Stitch Pink before, spend a bit of time and check it out. Kim has done a wonderful job with this blog!

I'm grateful for new books ...