Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Happy Day!! My Christmas vacation starts today! I do love having all this time off :) So tonight my friend Lisa is coming over to do some laundry and take a shower .. poor thing still doesn't have any power and is tired of warm sponge baths! We'll probably go out to dinner and then I'm planning on doing some wrapping. DH and I are overspending once again .. he's soo funny, been calling me all day, shopping on his own and having too much fun! The last time we talked on the phone I mentioned that we were a little over budget .. he said, I think we are more than a little, then laughed, then said but I want to get the kids this and that and I just laughed. At least we are paying cash for everything .. started doing that years ago .. so we'll be a little cash poor, but won't being paying on it for months and months. On my way home tonight I stopped and got most of the food for Christmas Eve dinner .. we always do easy, especially this year since DH and youngest DS, Dad and his gf are going to the Seattle Seahawks game .. they'll be home about 6ish .. My brother and his family and I will get over to dad's and get everything ready for present opening and dinner. We're having honey baked ham, nice chewy rolls, if anyone wants to make sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit tray, augratin (excuse the spelling!) potatoes, and lots of desserts!

Tomorrow I'm planning on finishing up the shopping and wrapping .. only have my brother and dad to do .. should be easy .. then I need to get some more stitching finished .. the cube is coming along well .. I started it the other night, but got interrupted .. can't wait to see it done!

4 More Days .. I'm sooo excited!!!!

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