Sunday, December 03, 2006

Can't believe it's Sunday already! The weekend flew by .. but I got a lot accomplished .. and it feels wonderful :) Saturday Lisa and I baked 4 different cookies for Christmas .. I like to give the people I work with cookies, found some adorable Christmas cookie boxes at Michaels .. not very big, but they should hold a nice variety for everyone. Saturday night the kids and I took DH to dinner and a movie for his birthday .. went to see Casino Royale. I think I'm going to like this new Bond. To me the only real James Bond is Sean Connery .. but this guy is pretty good :) Today Robert and I went to Toys R Us to shop for our adopt-a-kids .. Robert (my youngest DS) works there .. it was fun and we found some great toys and I got 10% off :) I had one small problem .. one of the boys we were buy for had as his dream wish a bike. He's 7 and we had enough money collected for a bike plus helmet .. so the first stop was the bike dept .. there was this really cute bike on sale (only $60, half price!!) Well the problem was it takes 24 hours to have the bike but together and I didn't have 24 hours .. we have to hand in all the toys tomorrow .. so I went up to customer service to ask if I could buy the floor model, or would they push through quickly putting one together for me .. the woman I worked with was incredible .. she got the manager to ok me buying the floor model .. and had them do a safety check on it for me .. when she knew why I was in a hurry for the bike .. she was sooo helpful! Then I got the rest of my errands accomplished and got all my stuff that I need to mail tomorrow all ready :) Yep, it was a nice weekend!

I didn't do any stitching this weekend .. but I did finish something I'd stitched last year and never finished it all the way .. here's the picture

Image hosted by
by sassy_mom2
I'm stitching a Christmas Tree ornament that I was part of a class I took at the Pals Retreat last October .. hopefully I'll be done with that by Tuesday .. then I have a couple of Lizzie Kate Christmas Ornament designs I want to do for gifts and I have Blue Ribbon Design's Pursue to finish now that I got more silk to finish it .. thanks Nancy :) and thanks Sally for asking about what I'm stitching.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ... night, Michele


Mary Ann said...

That is a really cute pillow finish, Michele! I love it!!

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing your ornaments Michele. Love the pillow. It's really cute.

Anonymous said...

you never commented about the multi-reindeer on the joy blog. ;o) dunno why that one's so weird but ... it is. up to you, what we do with it. ??