Monday, March 02, 2015

Happy March!!

How's March treating everyone?  I know most you have had just a miserable winter.  We usually don't get a lot of snow except in the mountains, but this year has been horrible ... no snow!!!  The mountains look so weird all bare except for the very tops ... the ski resorts are struggling big time and I'm wondering what our summer will be like with no snow runoff for the reservoirs .... could be a hot dry summer, which won't be much fun.  We've had one of the warms February's on record ... I'm afraid the weather is changing, and not for the good ... anywhere!

I had a fun couple of weeks with stitching.  I was going through all my project bags and found 3 designs that were in varies stages of being done ... so I decided to finish them up ... what a great feeling that is!!!

I started this freebie design last year ... not sure why I didn't finish it back then, but I'm glad I found it and got it done ...
 Easter Freebie by iStitch
stitched on misc piece of white linen
with WDW's Sweetheart Rose

Now this design I know is at least 2 years old and I remember getting to a certain point in the stitching and didn't want to do the vines ... when I pulled it out all I needed to stitch was the basket, the vines and the leaves/flowers ... a few hours later it was done!  Can't wait to get it framed!
 A Little Easter by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on a misc piece of linen
with recommended threads

 My last finish ... I've been working it the longest last month ... I really enjoyed this one too!
Delivery Yummy Goodness by Homespun Elegance
stitched misc piece of linen
with recommended threads

In between all the Easter stitching I threw in a St. Patrick's Day stitch ... this one was quick and soooo cute to stitch!

A Little Bit of March by Lizzie*Kate
stitched on misc piece of linen
with recommended threads

Thanks for all your lovely comments and well wishes for my father-in-law.  Yesterday he turned 93!!!  Monica and I didn't go visit him because we've been fighting colds ... I've been done with one horrible sinus infection, my first one ever!  and hopefully my last ... omgosh it's been ugly!  But Terry, Chris and Robert went to visit him ... took him some cards, a balloon and a cupcake to celebrate 93 years.  He had a nice visit with everyone.  Hoping he gets to come home in a couple more weeks.

I hope you all stay safe and warm out there in the snow covered states ... and wherever you are, I hope the frogs stay away and you keep stitching and sharing.

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for finishes...