Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Best laid plans have gone by the wayside when it comes to any productive stitching these last few days. Friday, DH and I finished out shopping .. we had a great time out and about and found all the things we were looking for :) Shopped for about 5 hours .. couldn't believe how fast it went! Then we decided to go see a movie .. went and saw Pursuit of Happyness .. wonderful movie with Will Smith .. I think it was his best so far! And the boy that plays his son, is his real life son .. what a cutie and a good little actor already :)

Today, Saturday, I went and had a manicure/pedicure, then it was home to get dressed for a family party on my dad's side. All my cousins and their kids and all my aunts and uncles were there .. it was soo much fun to see everyone .. we ate, sang Christmas caroles and just visited .. it was such a nice way to spend the day. After we got home and had dinner .. we finished up all the wrapping .. Robert, my 18 yr old, loves to wrap and what a great help that is :)

Tomorrow I have just a few things to do before heading over to my dads .. bake a few cookies, make sure I have all the food I'm supposed to bring, and get all the stocking stuffers together in one place to take to Dad's and the ones for Christmas morning. With the boys gone for the afternoon, it'll be nice and quiet and I actually might sit and stitch :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their families and friends .. be safe and don't eat too much *grin*

night .. Michele

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Mary Ann said...

Michele, Merry Christmas to you and your family!