Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday ...

Hope everyone had a great weekend .. mine was pretty quiet but nice. Friday night DH and I rented Beautiful Ohio .. has anyone seen it? It was on OnDemand .. a IFC movie with Rita Wilson William Hurt. Very good, but off the wall movie. And I learned something new about Ohio during the movie .. you have a very pretty state song :) While we watched the movie I put the finishing touches on Good Morning (needed the charms) and finished up Rosy too .. they both were very fun to stitch.

I joined a new blog a couple weeks ago ... Monthly Finishes Challenge. Making a pinkeep was the challenge for March. This is the 2nd pinkeep I've made. This one went together much better than the first, but I still have lots of practicing to do before I would ever give one away :) I stitched this last October .. I thought it was perfect for a pinkeep ... and I added the needle that I stitched it with in the heart. I thought it was a cute touch.

I had picked out a couple of different fabrics/ribbons for this piece ... I asked Robert what he thought ... this was the fabric and ribbon he liked the most ... I love the flowers and the dots on the ribbon .. busy, but I think it works with the simple stitched piece.

and dammmm I really did iron this! lol

Sunday I worked on the L*K double flip-its .. hopefully I'll have a picture to share soon.

Thanks for all the comments about my colorful red laptop and the Tree of Me box ... I really do enjoy hearing from all of you :) Barbara I do think you should cross stitch yourself a new cover *smile*

I'm grateful for nice weekends ...

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Red ...

I have a new toy and I'm having lots of fun with it. Look, it's a RED Dell!! lol .. I'm just a little addicted to the color red *grin* A laptop won't take the place of my desktop PC but it is nice to have the portability of a laptop. I can sit in the family room, watch tv and surf around. It will also be nice to take on retreats with me. I've been spending time getting used to the Vista operating system .. I really like how pictures can be organized using Vista .. so far it's not a bad operating system.

yep it's a red mouse too! lol

I have been stitching when I'm not playing with my new toy ... I finished Bent Creek's Good Morning. I still need to put the charms on .. but I think it turned out really cute.

And here's Rosy ... not done yet, but she does have a head now! lol .. and funny legs on her back .. I'm going to work on her again tonight, heck with my rotation! lol ... I should be able to get her done while watching Lost and Celebrity Apprentice .. GOOOOOO TRACE!

Last year I finished a retreat piece from a class with Bent Creek called Tree of Me. The tree shows things that are all part of me, like coffee, red, animals, racing, reindeer, music, flowers and of course stitching. It's been sitting because I couldn't make up my mind how I wanted it finished .. did I want a pillow, or frame it, maybe sewed into a nice banner .. nothing was really jumping out at me so Tree of Me just sat in my finished stitching bag. That was until Vonna started her finishing service. I was so excited reading about Vonna's new venture and well it just jumped out at me that Tree of Me would be awesome on a box .. a couple of emails with Vonna and off to the mail went Tree of Me .. the box is home with me now and I have to tell you I am soooo happy with the finished project! The box is now in my stitching room being the home for my scissors. It's just perfect! I stole these pictures from Vonna ...

I hope everyone is having a great week!

I'm grateful for new toys ...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring

Well, technically it happened around 10:24 last night .. how silly is that ... so happy first full day of Spring! Hope all your daffodils are blooming and making you smile.

Please say Hi to Rosy .. she's a design by Bent Creek and is a lot of fun to stitch .. hopefully she'll have a head soon! lol

Here's my progress on Good Morning .. I really love this design .. can't believe it took me sooo long to start it!

Here's a little Easter fun to share with you .. this has to be one of my all time favorite designs. The designer is Ewe, Eye and Friends and it's called Long Legged Chick. He made me smile when I first saw the chart, made me smile as I was stitching him, and keeps making me smile every year I display him. I stitched him in 2004.

Is everyone ready for Easter and the Easter Bunny? I remember growing up and going with mom to find that perfect Easter outfit .. all the frills and lace and springy colors. I still love going and getting something new for Easter, even though our holidays have gotten more informal every year .. it's still nice to have that perfect Easter blouse.

I'm grateful for spring colors

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day ..

Hope everyone has a very green day :) The kids are coming over for dinner tonight .. corned beef, little red potatoes, brussel sprouts and corn .. yep my family likes brussel sprouts instead of cabbage! lol Here's a picture of my mantel in the family room .. nope I'm not Irish, but I love this holiday! ok ok .. I love all the holidays *grin* But in all fairness, my FIL's mom was Irish, so we do have some reason to wear green today .. other than not getting pinched!

Hope everyone had a great weekend .. mine was pretty quiet. Friday night we watched August Rush. Has anyone seen it yet? Very cute movie .. I was lost in the music! Saturday DH and I cleaned house .. yea, he's pretty good at helping, especially with floors and bathrooms .. really! Saturday night I stitched on Good Morning and we watched Stand By Me. Robert (youngest DD) had never seen the movie .. and it was still great after all these years :) Sunday was more stitching on Good Morning and watching the nascar race. And there was grocery shopping and laundry to do after the race .. and I started Rosy Life .. I'll post pictures soon :)

Thanks for all the comments .. nice to see some new readers .. thanks for stopping by and saying hi *smile*

I'm grateful for quiet productive weekends ...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fair and Square, Wips and general checking in ...

Kim in NY and I were paired up for Round 5 of the Fair and Square exchange. I received the squares a couple of days ago, but the stupid camera battery was dead .. here's a picture of what Kim sent .. she spoiled me! Besides the squares she stitched .. she also sent me a Christmas patter, some needles, a lovely fat quarter of fabric and a magnet from her home state of New York. She also sent me a post card that shows one of her favorite views of New York. Isn't this a nice exchange :)

Here's a picture of the actual squares .. sorry the picture is fuzzy .. didn't realize it until I got it loaded. The design is one of the new Baubles by SamSarah Design. I just love it! The hearts are so fun and she also sent me the buttons that go in the middle of each heart. Kim, your stitching is lovely! The signature square is really unique .. she stitched a heart and then in gold stitched her name and city .. it's really hard to see at first, but when you realize it .. it's just such a cute idea! Thanks again Kim for the lovely exchange.

Since I've been missing in action here on my blog I have gotten some stitching done .. this is Schoolgirl Lesson by Little House Needleworks .. but most of you already know who's it by .. I've seen quite a few bloggers who are working on this piece .. and even a couple that have finished it! It really is a relaxing piece to work on .. I could get really use to monochromatic designs :)

There's a SAL in one of my yahoo groups .. it's a Bent Creek/Heart in Hand/Trilogy group. This SAL was to stitch something BC or Trilogy .. I realized I haven't stitched anything by these two designers in ages so I thought cool, I'll do this SAL. It was really fun looking through my stash and re-discovering what I have *smile* .. I decided on this sweet design .. mostly because it's a kit and I didn't have to work at kitting it up! lol .. sometimes the last thing I want to do in the evening is look for fabric and floss. I'm really enjoying this stitch.

DH and I started the next phase of our remodeling. We're having the kitchen cabinets refaced and the formica and tile replaced. I really like my kitchen cabinet layout and they are still in great shape so we didn't want to do a total replacement. Refacing is cheaper and will still give us what we want .. a kitchen that isn't stuck in 1986 .. lol

Even though I haven't updated my blog in a while .. I have been enjoying reading all our blogs .. everyone is doing such lovely stitching :) And thanks for all your comments .. I enjoy reading them a lot.

I'm grateful for blogging friends ...