Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We did :) The weather here was pretty strange .. saturday it was 70 and beautiful, sunday it rained like it was never going to stop, and monday it was 70 again and clear skys by the afternoon .. so we did yardwork on saturday, stayed in our comfys on sunday and watched some of Indy and all of the nascar race and rented Deja Vu (great movie .. a big confusing at times, but really good). Monday I putzed around, sorted some stash, laundry, took a nice walk, and then we went to dinner and to see the 3rd Pirate movie .. I really enjoyed this one! much better than the 2nd one. One of my favorite lines from the movie .. Nobody move, I dropped my brain! lol .. I soooo relate *grin*

We've spent the last couple of weeks picking out carpet and hardwood for our house. We've lived here 20 years, original owners .. and the house is slowly falling apart! Last year we re-landscaped the front yard .. 20 years growth took over the front! and we had to replace the roof. Now it's time for the inside .. we decided to hardwood the upstairs entry way, hallway and Robert's bedroom. This house is a bit odd, it was built on a slope; when you enter you enter on the bedroom floor, then walk downstairs to the living areas .. anyway, my craft room (which was Chris' room before he moved out) was hardwooded (really it's inexpensive lament) last year when I redid that room. We decided we liked the look of my craft room floor .. so decided to bite the bullet and hardwood the rest of the upstairs. The carpet upstairs will be ripped out on thursday and the hardwood will be installed on friday .. Robert is soo excited! already planning his "new" room :) The carpet won't be here until around the 15th .. so we have a couple of weeks to pack up the house and get all the furniture moved. I am sooo excited about having new carpet!!! I'll take pictures when everything has been installed :)

On the stitching front .. it's been slow going for me .. not sure why .. I did stitch over the long weekend though. Can't show and pictures yet cause one is for an exchange over on FGBB and the other is one of my PIF's :) Just have a few last minute touches and both will be ready to hit the mailbox. Tonight I started another PIF *woo hoo* lol .. and seriously thinking about what I want to stitch next.

Thanks everyone for the comments you left about the anniversary piece .. I can't wait to get it back from the framer! Hoperfully it'll be this week :)

I'm grateful for long weekends :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

IT'S DONE!!!! Woo Hoo! I didn't even iron it before taking a picture .. I was too excited to get it done and see how the frame looked with it .. and ya know what, I love it! and you all know I've been weird about changing the colors and all .. but I'm really really pleased with it .. now off to the frames tomorrow!

Ohhhh now I get to look through all the projects and see what to work on next .. hope I can keep from starting something new! lol .. I have way too many wips :)

I'm grateful for finishes :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's been a great weekend so far .. had lunch with my dad and his gf then took his two dogs and our two dogs to the off leash beach .. it's been overcast here but not cold .. out time at the beach was soo much fun and the dogs have been sleeping all evening .. think we wore them out!! lol DH fixed a yummy enchilda dinner and we watched Bobby on in demand .. it was a wonderful movie!

Tomorrow is the nascar race .. it was rained out saturday night .. then I get to go and pick out my mother's day present .. flowers for the front hanging baskets *smile* and then dinner with the whole family .. I'm really looking forward to that .. and not having to cook! lol

I didn't get any stitching done last week .. did put a few stitches in the Anniversary piece this evening while watching the movie .. hopefully more stitching tomorrow and I should have it done! and then I can move on to something else .. my rotation has gone to hell in a hand basket lately .. and I really want to get back to it .. hopefully this next week! Maybe I'll start posting my rotation more consistently and that might keep me on track? or will it? lol

I have a picture of my new dishes .. thanks for the suggestion Michelle .. it is fun seeing all that color! .. soo here's the new dishes ... check out all the different sized bowls! lol

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day with family and friends .. and here's hoping all you mothers get time for some stitching too!

I'm grateful for comments on my blog .. I love them :)

Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm finally stitching again .. feels great! I was a bit worried about the names/date .. but I think it turned out really nice .. I'm so close to being done .. have a bit more of the silver rose to do and a few roses and it'll be done .. the frame for it arrived last week .. it's awesome! My goal is to get it done this week and off to the framers .. wish me luck!

Had a nice weekend .. the weather here has really been nice for spring time. Saturday was just the usual house stuff, cleaning and laundry .. watched Running with Scissors, very strange movie, but really good. Sunday we went to breakfast with Chris and Monica (my oldest DS and Ddil) and then went to Macys .. I got new everyday DISHES!!!! Woo Hoo! lol .. I have had new dishes in over 15 years .. the reason we all went to pick out dishes is because we decided on Fiesta ware and I wanted everyone to pick out their own place setting .. omgosh we had a blast! I got red, of course lol, DH picked persimmon and I can't remember exactly what the kids picked out but I know have a lot of very colorful dishes in my cupboards lol

Thanks everyone for your comments .. yes I am feeling better and so far no one else at home is sick.

Adana .. yes we did have a vistor at work .. what was it a couple of weeks ago now? Unfortunately we didn't have any advanced notice .. I didn't even get to see it on TV :( For those who don't know what I'm talking about .. I work for Boeing, in Everett, WA .. if you watch The Today Show, Matt Lauder does this "Where Is Matt Lauder" janut around the world every year .. this year he started here, at Boeing .. I heard it was a great piece.

Hope everyone is having a great week and getting lots of stitching done!

I'm grateful for color in my life :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day! I have some very fond memories of making May Day Baskets when I was little and going around the neighborhood hanging them on front doors. When my boys were younger, we would take those green plastic strawberry baskets .. weave ribbons through them .. fill them with flowers and deliver them .. I remember lots of smiles and thank you's .. nice memories :)

I've been here but very quiet .. came down with that horrible headcold/virus going around .. I'm soo tired of coughing! I haven't done any stitching lately .. just haven't had the energy or focus. Hopefully I'll get myself back in stitching mode soon! I received an order from DSL and ohhhhh I love everything I ordered! lol .. and of course I want to start them all right now! I'll take some pictures tomorrow of my new stash so you can drool along with me :)

Thanks everyone for your comments ... I just love reading them! I've decided to do the roses in garnet to tie in the names/date that will be in garnet also .. the frame is on the way for this piece, so I really have to get it done!

lol Ruth .. I'll never be like you .. this changing all the colors around has made me a nervous wreck! lol
I'm grateful for bedtime ...