Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another month almost gone ...

and another month I went missing ... sorry!  I've missed you all!  Looks like everyone has had a wonderful summer.  I know we've had lovely weather and enough of summer to actually look forward to fall.  Fall really is my favorite time of year, followed slowly by Winter *smile*  Who doesn't like Fall ... football, cool evenings, leaving turning, family ... it's all good

While I haven't been blogging .. I have been stitching and have some pictures to share ...

First up is At the beach by Hands On Designs ... I loved everything thing about this design ... the colors are awesome ...
At the Beach by Hands On Design
stitched using recommended
fabric and threads

Looks like I was on a Lizzie Kate roll ... these all were such fun to stitch ... and quick!
Tingles Double Double by Lizzie Kate 
stitched using recommended
fabric and threads

Noel by Lizzie Kate
stitched using recommended
fabric and threads

Wait til Dec 25 by Lizzie Kate
stitched on misc piece of fabric
with recommended threads

I think this is my favorite so far ... just love love love the owl
Silent Night by Lizzie Kate
stitched using recommended 
fabric and threads

I love sunflowers ... when I saw this new design, well I just had to have it and stitch it ...
Sunflower Fair by Homespun Elegance
stitched on coffee dyed fabric
using dmc recommended threads

I loved it so much I stitched it for a pocket watch ... I added the bee charms and love the way it turned out.   I sent it to a friend for her birthday ... I hope she likes it *smile*

Last up is this sweet turkey ... I'm sooo ready for the holidays now!

Gobble by Country Rustic Primitives
stitched using coffee dye fabric
with recommended dmc threads

Enjoy your long weekend! I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for blogging again ...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer is here ...

and we're enjoying it ... at least most of the time.  We did have a week of hot for Seattle weather ... the days weren't bad but not cooling off in the evenings was a killer ... I do like to sleep at night!  lol  We don't have AC and somehow the fans just don't cut it at night ... but the good news is the veggies are loving the hot weather!

I have a sweet little finish to show you ... it was a quick stitch and I love how it turned out.  The design was a freebie in a facebook group I'm in ...
and I framed it this evening in a tin frame I had hanging around ....

A couple of weeks ago I started this design by Hands On Design called At the Beach .... it's a fun stitch!  The whale is adorable ...

And I got back some finishing that I sent to Cathy ... she's the design behind Hands On Design and also a great finisher ... love how she made my stitching look!  Oh yes, those are new red scissors that I treated myself too *smile*

I forgot about this design, found it when I was looking through my WIPs ... I had started it, yep, back in Spring and never finished it ... so when I found it again, I only had an evening of stitching to do and it was done ... now I'll have something new next spring to display.

Last night was craft night and here's what I made.  It's vinyl on canvas ... I was really pleased with how the painting turned out.  I'm always a little worried when I try to dry brush the aging effect.  I think it turned out really nice ... and I love what it says ...

Chip was sleeping this afternoon and looked so cute I couldn't resist taking his picture ... and he didn't wake up!  I do love this boy, especially when he's sleeping *grin*

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and getting lots of stitching done too!  I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for starts and finishes ...

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Happy July

Just checking in to say hi and GO USA!!  We're all excited for the World Cup knockout 16 ... hoping they kick some major Belgium butt today!

I have some stitching and other pictures to share with you later .. I will be back *smile*

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for soccer ...

Friday, June 06, 2014


Hope your May was good ... mine was really nice ... my baby turned 32 on the 9th!  Got to spend Mother's Day with all the kids ... yep that's tequila in their hands ... props from our favorite Mexican restaurant for the picture *smile*  I'm lucky that the kids live so close I get to see them quite a bit ... but always a special treat when the we all get together.

 The weekend after Mother's Day was my annual trip to the ocean with Yvonne and Lisa ... has always we had a great time ... love these girls!

 I have a few finishes to share too ... this first one is a freebie from La D Da .. It's called Flag City, I replaced the words Flag City with Old Glory .. love how it turned out.  The fabric is 30 ct linen.  I tea dyed it, but didn't like how it turned out so I gave it a coffee bath then baked it in the oven ... love how the fabric turned out!
Flag City freebie by La D Da
stitched on tea/coffee dyed fabric with
stitched with recommended GAST threads

Another finish is this lovely piece by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives.  It's called Cinnamon Hearts.  It was sold has a kit ... I didn't read the directions before starting the piece and ran out of floss before I was finished.  I was supposed to be stitching it with only one thread over two ... stupid me stitched it with two threads.  Nan read on facebook about my mess up and kindly sent me more so I could finish it up with the same dye lot .. what a doll she is!  Stitchers are the best *smile*
Cinnamon Hearts by Threadwork Primitives
stitched on 32ct R & R Olde Towne Blend linen
with recommended threads

This is another of my finishes .. quick fun stitch!
Happy 4th by Threadwork Primitives
stitched on misc fabric
with recommended threads

We put in a veggie garden this year.  Haven't had one in years because our lot doesn't get a lot of sun.  We decided to try again this year and look ... things are growing!!  Can't wait to have a salad from all our hand grown goodies :)  We planted bush peas and bush beans, two different kinds of carrots from seeds.  The tomatoes and lettuce were already started from the nursery.

 opps, looks like the lettuce was photo bombed by a maple leaf lol

I hope you continue to have a wonderful June.  I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for home grown veggies ...

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Catching up time ...

Happy May!  We are having one of the rainy Mays we've had in a long time, but today is lovely ... hope it keeps up, the sunshine that is.  Although all this rain is good for the flowers and veggie.  We've been trying to get our vegetable garden in but when you only have the weekends you have to wait on Mother Nature.  Hopefully we'll get something going this weekend.  I do look forward to making salads from the lettuce and tomatoes and other veggies we grow.

I have a few pictures to share with you ... get your coffee/tea/favorite drink ... it's kinda long!  lol

We went to Easter brunch with the dads and the kids ... had a really nice brunch and it's always wonderful to share it all with all of us.  Here's a picture of the dad and the Easter bunny ... my dad (Bob) is on the left and my father in law (Al) is on the right ... love this picture ...
Here's a picture of everyone, well except me .. I was taking the picture ...
 but I did manage to get a picture of myself with the Easter bunny lol

Speaking of Easter ... I have to show of a couple of our Easter baskets ... I was so pleased with how the Hangin' with your Peeps turned out and how cute they looked in the baskets ... you're never too old for an Easter basket *smile*

Now on to stitching ... I have a few finishes I'd like to share.  These beauties where finished for me by Cathy ... not only does she do wonder finishing, she's also a designer, her company is called Hands On Designs ... didn't she doing a great job?!

This week I received a couple more finishes ... this time they were finished by Vonna ... she always does a great job making my stitching look sooo good ... and this time was no exception ... I'm still smiling ... Here's Sampler Bunny all finished up ... looks great!
 and how sweet is this!  tulip on the back ... yep, I'm in love :)
 This is Song of Spring ... this was a kit, complete with fabric and buttons, Vonna's sewing is much better than mine *smile*
and this little bunny was an extra chart in the Song of Spring kit ... she finished him as a scissor fob ... hop hop hop ...

This design was finished by me ... the design is one Cathy (Hands On Designs) designed for last years PALS cross stitch retreat ... it was very fun to stitch ... 
The back ...

and I have a couple of stitching finishes ... that still need to be finish finished ...
Lizzie*Kate's A Little Beach ...
stitched with recommended threads except 
substituted WDW Capri with CC Really Teally

I love the two beach designs ... now I think I need to find a couple more ... would be fun to have a beach theme basket for the summer.

and here's another quick finish ... I am a bit addicted to these snappers ... fun, cute and quick ...
March Blows by Bent Creek
stitch on misc piece of fabric with 
suggested threads

I really need to blog more often so my posts don't go on and on ... hope you coffee/tea didn't get cold!  Now I'm off to read about what you are all up to.

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for bunnies ...

Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Spring time ...

Ahhh gotta love Spring time ... it's been sunny and raining and sunny and raining around here lately ... great for the flowers!  I do enjoy watching the trees getting buds and the flowers peeking their heads out ... it is a great season!

I've been doing some stitching ... love bunnies ...
Sampler Bunny by Homespun Elegance
stitched on a misc piece of fabric, coffee dyed
and recommended threads

This design is for a contest sponsored by The Primitive Hare ... stitching is done, now I have to finish finish it ... it was a really fun stitch ... love how it turned out ...
Cross Stitcher at Work by The Primitive Hare
Stitched on misc piece of fabric 
using BS Chocolate, Victorian Motto's Red 24 and
WDW Chickpea

I had a really nice mail day yesterday ... first was a RAK for Deborah.  I just love the pin cushion she stitched for me ... it's sweet and red ... what could be better than that?!  But wait ... there was a Christmas chart that is lovely, a coffee ornament to bead and some lovely buttons and flowers for future finishing.  I just love this thoughtful RAK.

The other package was an Easter package from my BBF Elaine.  She stitched this sweet bunny ornament for me ...
 I love the fabric she used for the back ...

She also included a purple bird and a nice motivational rock with dream on it ... I do a lot of that! lol

Last night was craft night ... I had some surprises for the girls ... little Easter baskets
 and mimosas ... great way to have craft night, don't ya think?
All this month during craft night we were working on these bunnies ... my dad did all the wood work ... we just painted and glittered and vinyled ... the saying is Hangin' with my Peeps ... here's the finished product ... they were fun to work on and we think they turned out pretty darn cute!

Any plans for Easter this year?  We're having a pretty quite one ... going to brunch with my dad, my father in law and the kids ... I don't have to cook!  Woo Hoo!!! lol  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and a very special Easter.

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for bunnies ...