Sunday, August 26, 2007

I heard from Jamie that she received my PIF I sent .. I'm really glad you liked it Jamie, I had fun stitching the fob for you, even though the cording is a bit long! lol .. here's a picture of the fob and the other goodies I sent her .. 2 down, 3 more to go *smile* The design is from Lizzie*Kate's coffee leaflet .. stitched over one .. I don't stitch over one very often. For some reason the fabric was really easy to stitch over one on. I forgot to take a picture of the back of the fob, it has Jamie's name on it ..

The tin as a candle in it .. thought it was cute with the J on top .. and that's a miniture coffee cup I picked up ...

I've spent most of the day cleaning .. amazing where dust hides isn't it! lol .. we are slowly reclaiming the house after the remodeling .. sure does feel good! I'll take some pictures after everything is back in place.

I hope to get some stitching done tomorrow ... hope everyone is having a great weekend!
I'm grateful for PIF's ..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Am I the only one with a love/hate relationship with Sunday? This weekend was really great .. very productive and relaxing at the same time .. and now that the weekend is over, I so don't want it to end.. I could definately enjoy a few more weekends like this .. hmmmmm, maybe I need a vacation? lol

On the remodeling front .. we are sooooo close to being done with phase one .. yahoo! I found a real wallpaper dude .. he came out Saturday and talked about the problems the other guy was having .. basically the other guy wasn't waiting long enough for the paste to cure before trying to hang it .. made perfect sense to me after the new wallpaper guy explained it .. so he bid the kitchen and was close to what we had budgeted, and of course we are deparate to get it done .. so next Sunday my kitchen will be wallpapered and Monday the frig will be moved into place .. sure is getting old going to the dining room every time I want something out of the frig! lol Once the kitchen is done and everything is finally back in place .. all we have to finish is the deck in the back yard .. replacing all the decking and building new railings and stairs .. when we're done with the deck .. we aren't doing anymore until after the new year .. then it's one to phase two! lol gotta love older homes *smile*

I got stitching done this weekend too! No finishes .. but steady progress .. Here's the Pals Sampler ..

I also started stitching on my Fair and Square design for Amy, she's my exchange partner this round .. I've know Amy for about 8 years and I'm thrilled we were partnered up together .. I had a great time deciding on what to stitch for her .. I hope she'll like it.

Thanks everyone for their comments .. I do enjoy reading them *smile* .. and Ruth, I'll send you an email soon about the Ornament Book .. thanks
I'm grateful for professionals ...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I did get a little stitching done this week .. this is the PALS sampler, designed by Blue Ribbon Designs .. at the Pals retreat in October, this is going to be the middle for my signature RR that I'm participating in .. can't wait to see it surrounded by signatures of all my friends at the retreat :) I've been thinking a signature RR with all you wonderful bloggers would be fun too .. maybe a project for 2008 ...

and this is Merry Christmas by Glory Bee from the 10th anniversary JCS ornament magazine. Nice fun stitch that I think will go pretty quickly ...

Thanks for all the compliments on my finish and frame choice for Good Things .. funny, but I was reading another blog and she had finished Good Things too, but her's looked different than mine .. guess what? I totally forgot the two borders around the words! lol .. and not one of you mentioned my goof?? *smile* I really like the way it looks with the frame, without the borders, so I think I'm just going to frame it as is .. and next time I stitch it I'll add the border lol ...

Still having issues with the wallpaper in the kitchen .. this weekend is the end .. if I can't find someone to help figure out the problem, we're going to re-texture and paint instead .. the big problem is that I LOVE the wallpaper we found for the kitchen .. it's perfect for us and the space .. and I just am not ready to give up quite yet .. but it's driving me crazy having a new frig I can't use yet! ahhh the joys of remodeling! off to bed for me .. the dogs are begging! lol

Book of Ornaments??? Sounds interesting Ruth! I have one of Laurie's ornaments from last year .. but I don't have one from you .. that will be my mission this year! *grin*

Woo Hoo .. I'm an enabler!!! You'll love stitching it Monique :)

I'm grateful for my dogs ...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Woo Hoo we have toilets! lol Everything went pretty smoothly on Friday .. not everything gone finished, but I'd rather have it done right, then done quickly. The major problem is the wallpaper in the kitchen .. the wallpaper we picked ended up too thin .. it was showing all the blemishes of the wall underneath. So our installer started from scratch on Friday, efinishing the kitchen walls to get a smooth base for the wallpaper. Because of the delay with the wallpaper, I was concerned about the frig and what we were going to do with it .. omgosh I love Sears! lol .. at least I love the delivery guy .. he came in and saw where the frig is going, didn't want to move it in until the kitchen was complete, said it's too easy to tear vinyl flooring .. he told me that Sears allowed 30 days to move the appliances around, if there were issues on the original delivery date .. they moved the frig into the garage and when we are ready, they will come back within 24 hours of calling them and move/install the frig .. for free, well, not really free, but no extra delivery costs. Wallpaper should be complete Monday, frig should be installed no later than Wednesday .. it's a good thing *smile* .. and speaking for good things ..

I finished L*K's Good Things this afternoon .. this was a cute fun stitch .. I looked through my odds and ends of frames and found one that I think is perfect for it .. don't you? The design would make a really cute pinkeep to ... hmmmm, maybe a PIF??

Back to laundry and sunday night stitching .. I'm going to work on the PALS sampler and watch football! OMGosh can you believe its that time of year again! GOOOO SEAHAWKS!

I'm grateful for forward progress ..

Thursday, August 09, 2007

EGADS .. I have toilets in the dining room and a frig in the living room and cats that are playing little kittens on the tarps lol .. I think they like the sounds the tarps make when they run across them! lol The floors are all in and I really like them .. the kitchen floor is a bit darker than I'm used to, but DH and the boys love it and I'm sure it'll grow on me .. especially when the wallpaper gets finished (hopefully tomorrow) and the kitchen gets but back together. I'm taking the day off tomorrow (friday) ... a lot is happening tomorrow .. the wallpaper installers come in the morning, the frig is scheduled to be delivered between 11 and 1 .. and the toilets are supposed to be reinstalled between 12 and 2 .. anyone will to place bets that at least one thing doesn't go right tomorrow? lol ..

I haven't done any stitching for the last few nights .. but I did hear that my exchange arrived at Nicole's house today .. here's a picture of what I sent her .. I had a lot of fun putting this exchange together .. the scissor fob is one of my favorite SB designs ...

and here's pictures of the wonderful exchange Nicole sent to me .. I just love the sheepy scissor fob and all the RED :) and the beaded fob is wonderful .. it has a threader on one end .. I just love it! Thank you so much Nicole :)

Happy Friday everyone .. thanks for coming and visiting .. I really enjoy all the comments .. and yes Monique .. a frig from 1978 .. surprised me too when it dawned on me! lol .. and hopefully we have a few more years with it .. it's going in the garage as the beverage frig *grin*

I'm grateful for stitching friends ...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another finish YIPEE! I finished JWB's Reindeer Sunday night .. this was a fun stitch, but kinda frustrating at times .. lots of stitch 4 stitches, cut and move on to the next 4 stitches .. but I love the way he looks .. so regal! Will be a nice addition to my reindeer collection *smile*

Thanks everyone for the encouraging words about my finishing I did over the weekend .. I can't wait for them to arrive .. I do hope they like them.

Nancy, that you for the information about the Teacup/Coffee cup pinkeep .. now to keep my eye out for it .. maybe it'll show up on Ebay someday :)

Sue, I love your idea about stitching all three coffee designs on the same piece of fabric .. decisions decisions, and thanks for coming to visit.

Sally and Cheryl, I understand that LHN is doing Tea designs as well as Coffee .. how fun will that be!

Well tomorrow is a big day around here .. more remodeling .. Wednesday and Thursday we're are having more new floors put in .. this time it's the kitchen, laundry room, powder room and Robert's bathroom .. new vinyl floors. And on Friday the new Frig arrives! OMGosh this is a big deal with this family .. we bought this frig back in 1978 and it's still working! Of course I don't think there's a plastic piece inside that isn't broken. We are finally winding down on the remodeling inside .. still have a deck to replace, DH and Chris worked on tearing the decking off last weekend, we know have half a deck and some very confused dogs! lol .. actually all the animals, 4 and 2 legged are confused these days! lol

I'm off to stitch .. something easy .. I'm tired but want to stitch, so I think I'll work on Good Things .. it's pretty mindless, but cute!

Thank you for the comments and nice to see new faces posting ... I do love this blogging family of stitchers :)

I'm grateful for a DS and his friends .. they helped move tons of things today to get ready for the floors ...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Doing a little happy dance this wonderful Sunday evening .. the highlight of the weekend was that I finished both the PIF and my exchange piece .. and I'm quite happy with them .. I hope the recipents like them and I sure hope they don't fall apart when used! lol *smile* I'll post pictures after they have been received. The rest of my weekend was not very exciting, but productive. My stitching room had been pretty trashed after serving as a catch all room while the hardwood floors were being installed upstairs .. the last of the "junk" was finally moved out and so I took a lot of the day Saturday to put the room back in order, major organizing and a good cleaning .. the one big trouble with having a lot of collections/nick nacks is they do have to be dusted from time to time *smile*

I think I'm going to settle in for the night .. I'm going to stitch on JBW's Reindeer and watch Lifetime .. I really have been enjoying some of the new summer shows. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'm grateful for small accomplishments

Thursday, August 02, 2007

One of my passions/addiction is coffee .. I love drinking it, I love collecting coffee cups, but now I have more to add to my addiction of coffee .. have you seen this yet?

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OMGosh!! it's wonderful and it's one of three coffee designs that Little House Needleworks is doing .. I just put myself on auto for these design (with Down Sunshine Lane). I've already stitched Spot of Coffee (just need to frame it) and have Coffee Menu in my stash .. now with these other new coffee design .. I might have to rework my kitchen wall to display all these yummy designs .. I'm in coffee heaven! lol

This week has been pretty good for stitching .. I started L*K's "Good Things" .. it's a very fun stitch. I also put a few stitches in my Pals sampler and finished stitching one exchange and one PIF .. now I just have to finish them .. which is the thing that takes the longest for me .. I am soooo finishing challenged .. it takes me a long time to get the confidence to cut the stitched piece .. I'm always afraid I'll cut too much and not have enough room to finish it .. I'm taking the day off tomorrow, I have a dr's appt in the middle of the day, so I think I'll try finishing tomorrow .. have all day to take my time .. hopefully I'll be happy dancing by the end of the day with two finishes lol ...

Hope everyone has had a great week, including some stitching time. I'm off to watch Burn Notice .. very good show!

I'm grateful for my passion of coffee ...