Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tie down the little kids and dogs .. we're having one major storm here! I haven't been online all evening because the power has been off and on all night .. the storm started about 9am Thursday .. raining like there's no tomorrow .. averaged about an inch an hour all day .. major flooding going on all over western Washington and lots of snow in the mountains .. soooo tonight the rest of the storm is hitting .. lighting, incredible rolling thunder and still rain, mixed with winds at about 30 miles an hour with gusts up to 45 .. and it's getting worse .. they say throughout the night the wind gusts will top 65 miles an hour!!! Went and did a little Christmas shopping with Monica, my DIL, had dinner and drove home dodging the water puddles across the road and the tree limbs already on the ground .. it's going to look like a battlefield of tree limbs in the morning! We have lots of trees around us .. sure hope done of them come down close to us .. I'll check in tomorrow .. the lights keep flicking on and off .. need to get off this computer .

night .. Michele


Sally said...

Hope you stayed safe Michele. I hate wind as it scares me.

Mary Ann said...

Michelle, I hope all is well and that the storms have moved on.