Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weather update .. no more high winds, but there are still lots of people without power, including my Dad. Lucky he has a nice motor home with a generator, so he's all warm and cozy and helping give some electricity to his neighbors next door. There are crews coming in from as far away as Montana to help get the power back, but it looks like late next week before everything is back to normal around here. It's been tough, but the stories of neighbors coming together have been wide spread which puts a smile on everyones face :)

Me .. I've been stitching a bit on the two L*K's, should have them done tonight and not sure if I'll get anymore stitching in before Christmas. We are almost done shopping!! But have lots to start wrapping. I'm late getting my cards out .. won't finish them until tomorrow evening .. but they should all arrive close to Christmas.

We received our family Santa picture on Saturday .. I'm sooo pleased with it! Turned out much better than I expected .. we are all smiling :) lol .. I'll scan a picture tomorrow and share it.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Next week at work will be fun .. lots of potlucks going on all week and people bring in some wonderful holiday baking too .. waddle waddle waddle .. It's our last week before Christmas break .. we have paid time off from this coming Friday until after the 1st of the year .. it's a really nice perk :)

Off to do some stitching .. night .. Michele

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