Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, I did get a little stitching done over the last couple of days .. started and finished this cute little reindeer by Heart in Hand .. it's one of their Wool Whimsy's .. fun and fast little stitch .. here he is ..
Picture 566

We went to see We Are Marshall last night .. awesome movie! But if you go, take your tissues, it's a real tear jerker from the very beginning. I think I lasted about 15 minutes before shedding my first tears lol .. of course I cry at most everything, happy or sad .. but even DH said he teared up 4 or 5 times throughout the movie.

Dad called yesterday with his MRI results .. nothing was found, which is really good! His doctor just said he has to live with the vertigo and hopefully it won't last much longer .. usual episodes last about 6 weeks .. and he said he is starting to feel better and the dizzy feelings aren't lasting very long at all.

I've been having fun playing with my new IPOD nano .. have uploaded about 150 songs from my own CD's and went to ITunes and purchased a couple of singles .. Chris and Monica gave me a $15 gift card to ITunes .. it's just incredible how much music is out there! I love all kinds of music .. the last few years I've been heavy into new country, which I've been ripping and loading to my IPOD .. along with the new Tony Bennett Duets album and an awesome Bobby Darin cdand Mary J Blige(see told you I like all kinds of music lol) .. on Itunes, I purchased some music by Breaking Benjamin, Phantom Planet and Gavin DeGraw. I really like the singles I purchased of theirs .. might have to get some more soon :)

I think I'll go listen to some Gary Allan and do some stitching ..
night .. Michele

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