Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before January Leaves ...

I'm still working on some wips that really need to be done this year ... here's a picture of the Lizzie*Kate Mystery sampler.  I just started Part 3 and can't wait to have this pretty done.  I do still have lots of the border to do ... way more satin stitch then I normally like ... takes me forever to do the fill in, but I'll plug along and get it done.  I am a bit torn about what to do with the grass around the house though.  It also is done in satin stitch, sideways and well, I'm just not sure I want to mess with that.  I just might cross stitch the grass.  Thoughts?  and please excuse the wrinkles!
I'm itching to start a couple of new designs that I recently received.  As soon as the fabric arrives I will definitely be starting A Red Cottage!  The minute I saw it released I knew I had to have it.  One of my dear stitching friends Kathy emailed me and told me not to buy it, she was getting it for me for my birthday ... the chart arrived with all the floss to stitch it ... thank you Kathy!  Can't wait to stitch it ....

 Another sweet stitching friend, Jennifer, sent me this coffee chart with floss for my birthday ... another one I can't wait to start stitching ... Thanks Jenn!!
Of course I couldn't pass this one buy when I saw it all stitched up by Melissa ... I think I like the charms as much as I like the chart!
 while looking at all the lovely charts that Handblessings has on their website, this one caught my eye ... I mean who doesn't love chocolate!
 So you can see why I'm so eager to get another wip done so I can start in on all my new goodies.  Tonight I'll be stitching on February Word Play, hope to have it done soon.

Monica and started back with our Craft Night on Tuesdays ...  red was the theme of the evening ... we had so much fun!  Here's what I crafted ...
and here's what Monica worked on ... I love the string heart she made!  and the piece of drift wood is a picture holder, the picture sits down in the shells ... very clever!

Love reading everyone's blogs and seeing all the lovely stitching that is going on ... and thanks for the comments ... I really enjoying hearing from everyone.

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for feeling myself again ...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guess what I found???

the link to the reindeer I just finished ...


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hot off the ironing board ...

I'm in a reindeer kinda mood these days ... surprised?  lol  These are two older designs.  The first one by The Prairie Schooler I started back in 2011 ... I'm really happy to have it done.  I wanted the date to be the year I finished the piece, it's charted with 2011.  Luckily I have a wonderful hubby that could see a three for me where I couldn't *smile*  and yes it looks a bit rounded ... I layed it on the couch to take the picture ...
 Comin' to Town by The Prairie Schooler
stitched with recommended fabric and threads

I've had this design printed out for a couple of years ... I don't remember where I found it, but it was a free design ... a blogger had stitched just this part of the entire chart and well yea, I fell in love!  I'm sure you'll agree he's a beauty!
Unknown designer
stitched on a misc piece of fabric with these
Belle Soie colors ... Teddy Bear for the reindeer, Attic Tea
for the leaves, Poison Apple for the flowers and 
Tortoise Shell for the bottom border

I'm off to work on another couple of wips that I'd like to finish up this year.  Hope everyone is having a great week!

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for cold weather ...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Another finish!

Happy Football Sunday!!  My Seahawks play the Atlanta Falcons today in the next round of playoffs ... so excited!!!!  Hope your weekend has been good ... woke up to 23 degrees outside ... can you say brrrr??  even the dogs don't want to go outside to pee! lol

I have another finish!  Yep, that's two for 2013 so far *smile*  I started December Word Play before Christmas ... love these word plays and they stitch up really fast!
December Word Play by With Thy Needle and Thread
stitched on misc 28ct fabric with suggested 
GAST threads

Thanks everyone for you comments about my first finish ... love hear from all of you.

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for cold weather ...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

My First Finish of 2013

I fell in love with this saying a few years ago and was thrilled when I saw it designed and ready for me stitch ... and I stayed in love with it with every stitch ... I can't wait to get it framed!
Dance in the rain by Lizzie*Kate
stitched with suggested fabric and threads

So now what to stitch??  I do have a few wips that are yelling at me ... of course I don't open their bags very often ... hate to hear them yell lol

Hope your first couple of weeks of the new year have been great!  And thanks for all the comments, I love hear from ya'll :)

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for a new finish ...

Friday, January 04, 2013

Welcome 2013

Happy 2013 ... I hope the year has started out well for all of you *smile*

We had a wonderful New Years Eve with Ken and Lisa ... beef and cheese fondue, margaritas, mimoas, champagne, lots of laughs and yummy dessert and coffee.

On January 1st I decided to start a new project ... I'm stitching L*K's Dance in the Rain and I'm loving it!! I've loved this saying for a long time and knew the minute I saw it I had to stitch it ... looks like this will be my first finish too *smile*

After Dance, I think I'll pull out a few WIPs that have been hanging around way too long ... of course that won't happen until Christmas is put away ... my goal is to have it all put away before my birthday ... Terry is a great help, so I think I'll make that goal!

I love seeing all the new starts out there ... and lots of WIPs being worked on too!

 I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for the start of a new year ...