Monday, December 18, 2006

Finishes!! Two of the ornaments I finished stitching last night, Family and Home. The other two I had stitched a couple of months ago. Sewing and I don't get along very well .. gotta love pre-finished tucks for my stitching :) I'm giving Family to my new in-laws, Home is for my Dad, the Kitty is for my dil, Monica, and Joy is for my sil :)

Picture 558

Other than getting the ornaments all finished up .. no other stitching for me tonight .. ordered a couple more items on line for presents and I think we'll start wrapping tomorrow night .. I have a couple more presents to go out and buy .. but have to wait for payday .. and I still need some stocking stuffers, which should be pretty easy.

Talk to dad today .. power isn't expected until closer to the end of the week .. so my sil and I are going to put together all the food for Christmas Eve dinner .. it'll be easy .. we are doing a honey baked ham, rolls for sandwiches, some kind of potatoes, fruit and green salads, leftsa and cheesecake/pies/cookies for dessert .. yummy :)

Since I don't have work after thursday, I'm thinking about making two cubes up Thursday night .. I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at these.

off to bed for me .. night .. Michele


Sally said...

Hi Michele! Lovely ornament finishes. I think these are such fun. I really enjoyed stitching mine over the year!

Shelleen said...

love the ornaments.

Mary Ann said...

I love the ornaments, Michele! They will be wonderful gifts!!