Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunflower Sampler is done :) I really love this piece .. I'm going to order the frame for it .. it was a really fun stitch. I have another finish but I can't show it yet .. it's one of my PIF's .. actually it's my first one! only 4 more to go *smile* I was going to commit to a new rotation for the my stitching with all the house stuff going on, I decided to just work on whatever catches my eye and not worry about rotating right now .. not sure I'll really be stitching every night .. so tonight I'm starting JBW's Reindeer .. looks like a relaxing stitch with only one color.

Well, we got all the furniture in the house moved out of the carpeted areas .. here's a picture of part of the kitchen nook area .. if you look closely you'll see a kitty sleeping .. that's Subie and that is one of his favorite things to sleep on, the piano bench .. we were laughing that he actually went looking for it. The cats are a bit disgruntled tonight though .. now that all the furniture is moved out, all their favorite sleeping spots are gone .. and they are not happy about it! The dogs however, are in 7th heaven .. they are at my Dad's with his dogs.

I am grateful for my furbabies ...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here's an update of Sunflower Sampler .. I'm sooo close to finishing it .. thought I would finish tonight, but my eyes got so tired I decided to stop. I have the inside of the sunflowers and the little black birds and then it's done *smile*

I sure was glad to finally see Friday .. this week was definately not a fun one at work! Sooo, now it's the weekend and what a busy one it will be .. this evening we went and celebrated Father's Day with my FIL. Tomorrow Terry and I are heading to one of our local farmer's markets in the morning .. we are going to buy some stepping stones for the front yard for our anniversary. The rest of the day will be spent packing up the house and moving furniture (the carpet is scheduled to be removed next tuesday and new carpet installed wednesday). Saturday night my brother and I are taking our dad out to dinner. Sunday will be a mix of moving furniture, watching the nascar race and the boys are cooking dinner for their dad. Not sure I'll get any stitching done .. might try and finish Sunflower Sampler during the race.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
I'm grateful for the dad's in my life ...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Happy Anniversary To Us ... WOW, were we really that young? Terry and I are celebrating our 32rd anniversary today .. Flag Day .. we'd never heard of Flag Day when we got married .. thought all the flag were waving for us *grin* 32 years is definately a long time .. I'm 53 years old, so that means I've been married over half my life .. I won't say it seems like yesterday, but it sure doesn't feel like 32 years. Yes it's been hard and it's been easy and everything inbetween but I wouldn't trade it for anything .. we have two awesome sons, friends and family that have supported us throughout the years .. laughed with us and cried with us.

We can't take all the credit for lasting this long .. we had great role models .. Terry's parents were married 56 years before my mother in law passed away, she's been gone 2 years now. My parents had been married 34 years (it was my mom's 2nd marriage) when she passed away, she's been gone 10 years now .. we learned so much from them .. thanks moms and dads *smile*

I am grateful for 32 years .. here's to 32 more :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

This is Sunflower Sampler by Heart in Hand .. I started this last week .. I had to change the color of the sunflower pedals, my Schneckley was just too brownish, so I'm using Amber instead . I'm stitching this in hand .. sometimes I just like having the fabric in my hands instead of a plastic frame .. kind of a comfy feeling.

Here's the framed anniversary sampler I was working on last month .. I just love this frame! My friends were very surprised and very happy with this gift .. Lisa couldn't believe I remembered her colors and used the varigated blue and the red roses .. it I really enjoyed stitching this for them, even when I was apprehensive about changing colors *smile*

Today was a typical monday from hell at work .. so I think I'll go climb into bed and read for a bit ...

I'm grateful that this monday is in the past ...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekends and a new blog look ...

Thanks Sally for the blog link .. it was fun finding a new look .. still needs a little tweaking, but I'm happy with it so far *smile*

I received the prettiest scissor fob from
Marie in the mail on Friday .. it was for the scissor fob exchange on FGBB .. and all I can say is WOW, this is one of the nicest fobs I've ever seen! She also sent me some lovely lace, a needle holder and a wonderful pair of scissors .. thank you Marie for stitching such a pretty scissor fob for me *smile*
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Most of the weekend was spent trying to put the upstairs back together after the hardwood installation last week. Robert is about 80% moved back into this bedroom .. hopefully I'll get my craft room back soon .. that's were he moved most of his stuff. Saturday night I went to the Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) with my friend Lisa .. the night celebrates the 125th birthday of Igor Stravinsky (1882–1971), the 20th century's greatest composer for dance, with four ballets by George Balanchine, Jerome Robbins, and Molissa Fenley .. it was incredible as usual! I have really enjoyed the PNB this year and Lisa and I are planning what we want to see next season.

Today (Sunday) was pretty lazy .. watched the Nascar race .. it started late becauase of rain and ended early because of rain. Spent time stitching and playing online games ( I'm working on Sunflower Sampler (HIH) .. I just love this design .. I'll take some pictures of it tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too .. and thanks very much for taking the time to visit my blog and leave me comments .. I really enjoy reading them *smile*

I'm grateful for new things .. blogs and scissor fobs ...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Happy 10th Birthday Buddy!

About a month ago we received a birthday invitation, well actually our dogs, Maddy and Chip, received the invitation .. they were being invited to a surprise birthday party for Buddy, the host was Max (the other chocolate lab that lives with my dad). The party was on Sunday .. omg what a fun time .. there were 9 dogs in attendance, 7 were labs (most of them chocolates) and one golden retriever and one mutt (Cole) that looks like a pure black golden retriever. We were very lucky that our awesome weather stayed around for the entire weekend. Dad, his girlfriend Jean, and his neighbor Cheryl put the whole thing together. They came up with two games for the dogs to play .. one was bobbing for bones and one was an obstacle course .. there were balloons for them to pop and water to play in and of course there was birthday cake .. meatloaf made in the shape of a cake, frosted with blue colored mashed potatoes! It was the most clever party I think I've ever been too .. and everyone had a great time .. and the dogs were all great together! Of course there's pictures .. just a few pictures .. roflmao .. I haven't finished putting names and titles on all of them yet .. but if you want to see some very funny pictures, grab a cup of coffee or tea and click here. Oh and I'm the one in the pink shirt, khaki pants and pink sandals *smile*

I have been stitching, but can't post any pictures yet .. two are for PIF's that are almost ready to mail and the other is for an exchange .. but I did finally charge the camera batteries and will have some pictures to post tomorrow of some stash that arrived yesterday!

The remodeling is coming along .. slowly .. but it's happening. The hardwood floor is almost done, should be finished tomorrow. We got an install date for the carpet .. June 19 - 20 .. not happy about it but ohwell .. life goes on.
I'm grateful for dogs ...