Tuesday, November 28, 2006

good morning from snowy Lynnwood (located 30 miles north of Seattle) .. an update from last night .. all the kids arrived home about 11:30 last night .. all safe and sound :) We chatted for a bit and then Chris and Monica (my oldest DS and his new wife) headed for home about 12:30 .. it's a cold one this morning, about 23 and will be warming up to a toasty 33 by afternoon! lol .. gotta love winter :) I'm home today .. it's really one of those times I wish I was set up to work from home. We have lots of people in my group that telecommute .. but I've never really wanted to, so don't have my computer set up to access work .. I might be rethinking that after the first of the year. Looks like a day to do more Christmas decorating .. those reindeer are whining to get out of the boxes! lol

off to get more coffee .. later all :)


Sally said...

Hi Michele! I have foudn out where I found some of my blinkies! It's http://www.pinkyblinkies.lunarpages.com/ There are loads os pages here but you must add a link to show where you have got them from!

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad to read that all your family made it home safely.