Sunday, November 26, 2006

IT'S SNOWING!!!!! and it's beautiful! We never get much snow in the outlining areas where I live. The mountains have been getting snow for a few weeks now .. lots of skiing this long weekend for people .. but it usually stays in the mountains .. or way south and way north of me .. so when we get snow it's a big deal! and I LOVE it! Of course it's to supposed to keep snowing much once the temps warm up this afternoon .. but while it's here, it's grand :)

The boys are out working on Christmas lights and I'm sitting here thinking I should at least unpack all my packages from my shopping trip last friday *grin* Lisa and I had a great time .. neither one of us were really looking for an specific Christmas presents .. we just did a lot of looking and bought a few Christmas decorations and some stocking stuffers and some things just for us .. like we found these really cute Christmas rings and I found a cheap Christmas watch. After we were all shopped out, we went to see Stranger Than Fiction. I enjoyed it more that I thought I would .. Will Ferrell did quite a good acting job! And the story line was intriging to say the least .. very enjoyable.

Saturday I got to see Lisa one more time to work on our Christmas craft, we made greeting cards for people .. found these great Christmas tins and made about 10-12 cards for each person .. we did cards to Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, Easter/Spring and Thank You .. we had a great time making them and I think they turned out really nice :) So next Saturday we are baking and we'll be done with our Christmas Craft/Baking for family and friends :)

I have done some stitching over the weekend .. worked on Lisa's tree on Friday night, and started a new SB last night, it's a shop exclusive called Santa Fill .. really cute and it's stitching up fast .. I already have the stocking done :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful long weekend and got lots of stitching done :)

Hugs, Michele

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Sally said...

Hi Michele! Thanks for dropping by my blog today! You are welcome to the blinkies. I can't remember where I got them all from! Is it OK if I add you to the blogs I read?