Monday, November 27, 2006

Wow, we got more snow! which is sooo uncommon for us, especially this early! North of Seattle, Everett and even more north to Bellingham got upwards of 10 inches and the south end got about 6. We've had about 3-4, which isn't a lot, but it's definately enough to wreck havic on traffic .. would be easier if Seattle and outlining areas were flat, but hills and snow and ice just don't mix .. me thinks tomorrow mornings commute will be a real bear .. I'll probably stay home until after 8am .. I do prefer to see what I'm sliding into :)

Now the bad part of this snow day/evening has been my kids .. Robert and Chris went to the Seahawk/Packers Monday Night Football game .. which was great because we won!!! .. but not great because of all the accidents that have been happening on the freeways all evening .. they started home from downtown Seattle, but I-5 came to a screaming stop 1/2 way home, so they got off onto a local artiral, Lake City Way, which was fine for few miles, then pure ice .. Chris called to give me an update .. his thrilled with the ice!!! lol .. hate my boys sometimes ;) They are in an all wheel drive subaru and Chris really does know how to drive in all kinds of weather .. but I hate they are out with all the crazys that don't! Then there's my poor dil, Monica, who called me about 7:00 this evening, stuck on I-405 on her way home from work .. we chatted for about an hour, she moved 10 feet!!! She called back about 9 and was STILL on the freeway, going no where fast!!! It's now 10:20 and she's off the freeway getting directions from a friend on the backroads .. Chris is going to drop Robert here and take Rob's car and probably go pick her up somewhere .. let her park her car and just get home .. it's been a long long night!

I didn't stitch much tonight .. but after all the stitching I did over the weekend, one off night is ok :) I finished a shop exclusive from Shepherd's Bush last night .. here's the picture .. it was a really quick stitch, and soooo cute :)

Image hosted by
by sassy_mom2

I did get a little Christmas out, have all the Christmas mugs and dishes unpacked and clean and put away and my reindeer boxes, yep boxes! lol, are down from the attic and ready to find homes for the holiday.

night all ....


Shelleen said...

you can keep all of the nasty weather. We have been really warm which is unusual. Glad that all of your family members got home ok.

Mary Ann said...

Hi, the SB finish is really cute! And, I hope all of your family got home safe and sound. Snow is very pretty, but not fun to drive in.