Monday, November 20, 2006

Funny, I wrote a post yesterday (sunday) and thought it had posted .. owell, starting all over again .. lol

Sunday was a very raining day here .. yes, again! lol .. but a good one. Started with breakfast with Joan (my neighbor), catching up on life .. then home to watch a most boring NASCAR race .. finally race of the season .. and sooo boring .. even though my guy had a good day. After the race and the Seahawk game, it was off to dinner with my fil, sil and her DH and my family .. it was nice, a tad bit ackward with the shit between sil and me .. but we all acted like adults for the most part .. lol .. then it was home to veg and I finished This House Believes! It is one of my most favorite finishes to date .. Terry loved it too and told me to buy the frame that the designer shows it framed in .. what a guy :) Here's the picture ..
Image hosted by
by sassy_mom2
So Monday at work was pretty usual .. just production accts all day long .. but it's a short week, which is a really good thing! lol .. I'm really having fun with my blog and with our JOY blog .. added a few new blinkies .. they sure are addictive! We'll I'm off to watch monday night tv .. one of our favorite nights of the week for tv .. prison break, then heros, the studio 60 .. woo hoo :)

night .. Michele

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