Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Didn't get much stitching done over the weekend .. too many things to do! Got my hair cut and colored on saturday, then came home to DH cleaning! So of course I jumped right in and we spent the day cleaning and cleaning and cleaning lol .. when Robert got home from work we decided to go out to dinner and a movie .. we went to see The Departed. If you haven't see it, and can stand the f-word said hundreds of times .. it's really a good movie .. it's about the mob in Boston .. kinda bloody too .. but we all enjoyed it. Sunday was laundry and grocery shopping .. and Robert and I took the dogs to one of our off leash parks. It's down on the Puget Sound in Edmonds .. we are having the most incredible weather .. really sunny, about 50 and giving us all a teasing feeling that it's springtime! of course the evenings cool down to about 30 and there's lots of frost in the morning .. anyway, with the weather like it's been .. we had to take the dogs down for a good romp .. and boy did they love it .. they ran and played with other dogs and swam and just had a gay old time :) We ran into Chris and Monica and a friend of their's .. they were heading down to the regular beach to walk when we sawa them .. so they came over to the dog area and we chatted and watched the dogs going crazy .. it was a fun afternoon.

Last night is 3 hours of our favorite shows .. Prison Break, Heros and Studio 60 .. great cause I get lots of stitching done! lol .. I worked on the border of "Pursue" .. I almost have the top portion done, which means I'll have 1/2 the border done, hopefully tonight .. I really want to get this done before I start on anything else .. who would have thought that a border could take sooooo long to stitch! lol .. I received my fabric for Spot of Coffee last week (thanks Mary Kathryn!) and I'm dying to start it .. but first things first .. get the border done! That'll be my mantra for the week :)

I'm really enjoying everyone's comments .. thanks bunchs! and keep'em coming :) Nice to know we are all a little weird, isn't it, Kim :) lol


Mary Ann said...

Michele, it sounds like you(and the dogs) had a great weekend!! It's good to hear your weather is improving. We are having a cold spell and I don't particulary like it! :-) I'm looking forward to seeing another Pursue update!

Cindy said...

Love your blog!! I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the Blogging Stitchers Club!!! We are really glad to have you a part of the group!