Thursday, January 04, 2007

I've had more productive weeks that's for sure .. lol .. first week back to work after the holidays is always kinda rushed and crazy at work .. add to that needing to put Christmas away, but not feeling 100% .. been fighting a sore throat and just too tired to do much once I got home from work .. thank goodness it's almost the weekend .. my mantra for the weekend will be "undecorate"!! lol

Very little actual stitching happened this week .. but lots of thinking about what I want to be stitching. I got my birthday discount letter from Drema (Needlecraft Corner). I'm not sure what all I will get, but definately need some threads and some fabric. I have an MDesign tree with my name that I would like to do on red fabric, using white'ish silk and maybe some ornament cuts .. I really need to spend some time going through my charts and trying to decide what I want to stitch and get the fabric ordered. One chart I'm really excited to start is LHN's Spot of Coffee. I ordered some silks from Vikki Clayton tonight for this chart :) I've only used silks once (gloriana silk) with the pattern Pursue, by Blue Ribbon Design. I haven't finished the chart yet, but I've enjoyed stitching with the silk so much I wanted to try some more. I have a sampler all kitted up from a class I took last October from Mary of MDesigns .. Mary choose to kit up class piece with VC silks. I'm planning to start that sampler this weekend.

Downloaded a few more cds this evening for my Ipod .. Rod Stewart's Song Books (1-3), Elton John's 11-17-70, Carole King's From My Living Room, Soundtrack to the Bodyguard, Soundtrack to Coyote Ugly, and a compliation cd with Dion and Ricky Nelson. I'll be rocking to good tunes at work tomorrow :) Time to sync Toto (lol, that's what I named my Ipod) and then off to bed .. night all


Sally said...

Hi Michele, Sounds like you've been busy with your Ipod! I have an MP3 player and have been adding songs to it from CDs we got for Christmas. I use it when I'm out walking.
Isn't it fun getting the birthday discount letter from Drema. I got a couple of charts with mine; not that I really needed anything else!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Michele, be sure to let us know what you decide to order with your birthday discount!