Sunday, February 18, 2007

Saturday was a really nice day .. got a lot of things done around the house and Terry worked on cleaning the garage .. Chris came over to help out in the afternoon, he shares the garage with us, not much garage space in the condo he lives in lol .. his wife, Monica, went out of town this weekend with a gf so after working all day around the house we went to dinner at Applebees .. yummy yummy yummy :)

I finished the Christmas ornament I've been stitching .. it's by Glory Bee, Noel, from JCS 2006 .. I really liked the way this came out. I need to kit up my next ornament .. think it'll be the LHN one from the same JCS ornament magazine.

Sunday is .. DAYTONA BABY!!! WOO HOO .. CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THAT GREEN FLAG DROPS! Yes, my house is all excited about the race today! We are big NASCAR fans .. My favorite driver is Matt Kenseth #17 .. I'll be making enchildas with green sauce for lunch and will be stitching and rooting for Matt .. Hope it's a great race!

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Hope everyone is having a good weekend!
I'm grateful for my quiet time when the house is asleep ...


The Silver Thistle said...

Nice finish! Go you!

My husband follows nascar too but I'll be honest and say I just don't get it, lol.

In my own defence though, there's not a lot of nascar coverage here in Scotland so I can maybe be excused for not knowing the first thing about it, lol.

Elizabeth MacGregor-Kirkcaldy said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats on your Glory Bee ornie finish, Michele! It's lovely... :-)

Sorry your guy didn't win the race...

I don't really keep up with racing... but a lot of my friends do... I did get to hear Nicholas Cage start the race... Now that was Nice! ;-)

Hope you had a lovely day! :-)

Michelle said...

Cute ornament! Congrats on the finish!

Mary Ann said...

Wonderful ornament finish, Michele! DH was watching the race(big Nascar fan), and I stitch while sort of watching it. DH is a Mark Martin fan(he's from our state).