Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally Friday!

What a week! Two days of a manadory training class at work and then I got to play catchup for the rest of the week .. owell, it does pay the same ... lol

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Robert .. I think he got a kick out of them when I told him I blogged about him :) He had a great birthday, as far as I could tell. We took him to Red Lobster for dinner .. it was very yummy! None of us had ever been before. It was nice to try something new. He received lots of Seattle Seahawk stuff and money .. all of which left him smiling.

Lisa and I had a great time last Friday at the Art and Craft fair. I picked up a couple of things for Christmas gifts and some locally made garlic spread and grilling mixes. After the fair and dinner, we went to see Mama Mia. Wow, what fun movie! It definately won't win any awards, but I thought it was definately worth seeing. I was never a huge ABBA fan .. their music is definately fun to listen to. I thought Meryl Streep was wonderful in it .. of course I've loved most everything she's been in. Pierce Bronson isn't a great singer, but very enjoyable to watch in the movie. I thought everyone did a great job .. I loved Christine Baranski's character, what a hoot! If you get the chance definately check out this movie .. you'll be singing when you leave the theatre .. really! And don't leave the movie too quick .. there's a really really funny ending .. after the ending.

Saturday DH and I went to see The Dark Knight. Talk about seeing two movies in two days that are as different as day and night. Yes it was a dark and violent movie. It follows more closely with the old Batman comic books than it does the Batman TV show that I grew up with. I have to admit that I really liked this movie. I thought Heath Ledger did an outstanding acting job .. his Joker gave me the creeps throughout the entire movie. It was sad at the end to know that Heath isn't here to enjoy his success .. such a tragic loss.

I have done some stitching this week but can't show pictures yet ... but I can show you pictures of a couple of things that arrived at my house ...

I received these squares from Nicky R., for the Summer Round of the Fair and Square Exchange. I just love this flower and the butterfly .. so pretty and delicate.

Nicky also sent me a few things I can use for finishing .. love all that red!

And I received these squares from Veronica for Round 8 of the Fair and Square Exchange. This design is part of Joy of the Journey by Diane Williams. Don't you just love that house and the sunflowers! I think she read my blog a couple of times *smile*

Thank you Nicky and Veronica for stitching these lovely squares for me. I can't wait to make them into something so I can enjoy looking at them :) I've really enjoy these exchanges and it's so much fun to exchange with stitchers all over the world .. if you haven't tried these exchanges, come on over and join us .. I think you'll have a great time!

So now it's time for another weekend. Any plans?? I've staying close to home. DH is working on the deck and I have some major house cleaning to do. We had some repair work done over the last couple of weeks and I don't think there's a surface in my house that doesn't have drywall dust on it! grrrrr .. someday all this remodeling/repair will be done .. I hope! lol

Whatever you do, I hope everyone has a great weekend and gets lots of stitching done :)

I'm grateful for making new stitching friends ...


Michelle said...

Hi there and happy Friday to you too! I haven't seen either one of those movies but they are on my wish list :) You got some great stitched pieces - love them both!

Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

HI Michele!!
I finally tracked your blog down - now you are stuck hearing from me from time to time!! I sure am looking forward to MB - I am really going to need a break this year.

See you around,

Cheryl said...

Ive seen Mamma mia twice at the theatre but havent seen the film yet! The audience were dancing in the aisles at the end when i seen it in Toronto!!
The squares you have received are lovely.
Have a good weekend despite all the cleaning!

Unknown said...

Lucky you, I really wanna see those movies but didn't find the time yet. And those squares you received are absolutely stunning!

Dawn said...

Hi Michele,

Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. So much so, that I have nominated you for the Brillante Blogger Award!

Dawn in NC

Veronica said...

It was absolutely my pleasure to stitch those squares for you ^.^

stitcherw said...

What lovely pieces to get, they're beautiful. I saw Mama Mia too and totally agree on it being fun. I'd like to catch it one more time before it leaves the theater if possible, it is so enjoyable to go to a movie and laugh. However, the songs sure do stick in your head, I keep finding myself humming them.

imnverted said...

What beautiful pieces!

Sally said...

Lovely F&S squares you received Michele.

Not sure if I want to see The Dark Knight or not! I'm not keen on seeing "dark" mi ovies in the cinema! Might wait until it's out on DVD then I watch with the lights on at home! Jess is going with friends towards the end of the summer hols and yesterday she went to see Wall-e and says that was brilliant! I fancy seeing Mamma Mia though. I am a huge ABBA fan!

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty squares you received!

Sharon said...

Lovely squares!

Karol said...

Thanks for visiting my new blog. I have been reading yours for a while. How do you add the blinkies? Thanks Karol