Thursday, October 04, 2007

ah choo ...

Ahh the first cold of the fall/winter season .. I'm sooo excited! lol .. what I'm really excited about is tomorrow is friday and I'm staying home so I can get over this crud .. I have way too much to do between now and leaving on the 13th for the Pals Retreat. So this weekend I'll spend figuring out what I have done and what still needs to be done and then figure out what I can do .. somethings not going to get done .. but ya know what, that's ok .. I do tend to procrastinate too much and this time it's biting me in my rear end lol

The one thing I really want to get done are some Christmas ornaments .. I think I have five that are stitched and just need finishing .. just!! lol .. not my favorite thing to do .. but I will get them done .. tonight I found some metal finishing forms for ornaments that I had forgotten I had! That should help lots in getting them finished .. all I have to do is go out and get some more Christmas fabric. And I have to work on my signature for the signature RR we are doing at the retreat .. I have a few ideas, just need to sit and stitch them and see which one I like the best.

DH is gone for a long weekend .. he went to Santa Fe with his dad .. they are meeting up with his sis and bil (they live in Farmington, NM) .. my fil is 85, in great health, but he doesn't like traveling by himself anymore .. so DH gets a nice little vacation and time with his dad .. and I get a fairly quiet house all weekend .. Robert works this weekend so he won't be around much .. I am looking forward to a weekend of stitching, finishing, football and nascar .. and hopefull getting over this cold! Wish me luck! lol

Thank you all for your comments! I do enjoying reading them :) Here's a few answers to your comments/questions ...

lol yes we are going to attempt to make 15 of those candle mats! I think once we get the cutting out done, putting them together will be a piece of cake! Marie .. you've made some of the Bareroot designs before?? I'd love to pick your brain a little about them!

The Family Sampler is a design my Mary of M-Design .. it was a class piece from last years Pals retreat. I don't know if she'll every release the design to the public .. but if she does I'm sure you all would love working on it! Ruth, the wine color is Diane's Rouge from Vicki Clayton. When we were design our samplers I really wanted to incorporate Red .. when I found the color I wanted, I decided that our first name initials would be in the Red and so would the W .. and the word Joy. The sampler includes our names, words that mean something to all of us, like believe, laughter, music .. the house is dated with the date of our marriage .. the two intertwining rings will have Chris and Monica's initials in them and the date of their marriage below the rings. The sampler is still in work, I don't know if I'll but a border around it or not .. and I'm not sure Ruth if I'll get it done in time for the retreat or not .. I was hoping too .. but it's not looking good! lol Oh and Ruth .. the shop name is Threadneedle Street .. I'm sure she ships anywhere! I love enabling :)

Hope everyone had a great week! I've really enjoyed reading your blogs this week .. and finding new blogs to enjoy too .. thanks Vonna!


Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I hope you get over your cold..yikes! Anxious to see your ornie finishes :)
take care and have a relaxing weekend at home alone...I would love a weekend like that!

Carla said...

bless you :)
Take care and enjoy your weekend.

mainely stitching said...

Get healthy! And I hope your DH and FIL enjoy their time in Sante Fe.

Sally said...

I hope you are feeling better real soon Michele:) {{{{hugs}}}}

Michelle said...

Oh my, the first cold of the season! Feel better soon and I hope that cold moves on quickly.

Have a wonderful trip, Michelle

monique said...

Ah, congrats on your first cold of the season LOL I hope you are feeling better quickly :)

Those finishing forms are marvelous!