Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Rest in Peace Laurel ...

I just learned that one of my favorite artist passed away on September 13th ..
I don't remember a time since the late 70's when her art wasn't part of my daily life .. whether it was the pair of earrings I was wearing one day or the cup I was drinking my coffee from .. her art was always with me. My mom and my sil also where huge fans of LB. I first fell in love with her bright colors and her cats. DH's favorites have alwasy been her birds. It didn't help my addiction to her art when DH fell in love with her stuff too! lol .. although it's really nice to collect/lust after things that you actually have DH's permission to purchase! *smile*

Back in I think 1978, mom and I went to her Laurel speak at a woman's breakfast .. she talked about her illness, she had brittle bone disease, and her art and her connection to animals and people .. she spoke a lot about Kindered Spirits .. a theme that runs through so much of her art.

Here's just a snippet of her artwork .. there's a lot more to view at her website ...

and here's one of my favorite quotes of her's ..

"A woman's spirit blossoms in the colors of her soul."

I'm grateful for kindered spirits ...


mainely stitching said...

What beautiful artwork. I'm sorry to hear of the loss of such a talented and special person. Take care.

Michelle said...

That is so sad - I have a couple of her pieces of jewelry.. I will cherish them.

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by.. the LB earrings I have are gold and one earring is a male body and the other earring is a female body. They are so different - I just love them. I also have a bird pin that is in the shape of a heart.

Yes, my teapot clock is old and so cool - it kinda makes noise from the old motor but its kinda soothing.

My parents are visiting this weekend and we are having a great time - no time to stitch though.. maybe next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.


The Silver Thistle said...

Oh dear, I didn't know about this :(

I LOVE Laurel's work! I'm a hooge fan especially of her cats. It's all fab but the cats just 'do' it for me. I could look at them all day. I have lots of little bits and pieces of Laurel art around the house. She'll be sorely missed :(