Sunday, July 01, 2007

Sunday Sharing .. I got some new stash last week and I want to stitch it all right now *lol* .. this is Sunflower Sampler by Country Cottage Needleworks. Love the soft blue fabric .. this will be a fun design to stitch.I love my new scissors .. Glory and Maria .. now I have to find scissor fobs for each of them. I will be really fun in October to use the "Boo" needle minder from Kelmscott Designs, I love Halloween! I splurged and got the new limited edition Colors of America (GAST) threads, wonderful colors and of course I had to have Seattle Sky *lol* The new Lizzie Kate's are really fun .. I'm going to do all four of the season Banner Boxer Jr together on one piece of fabric (hopefully this winter) and I think "Good Things" might be a fun PIF stitch, don't you? and I had to get "Just One More Stitch" by Simple Stitches, since I say that all the time! *lol*
Here's a few of my WIPS .. this one is from L*K's Coffee Crazy leaflet .. I'm doing it over one and really enjoying it .. don't you love the qsnap hugger, it's one of Kim's .. I love them!

This was designed by Blue Ribbon Designs to Celebration Cross Stitch Pals 10 Anniversary. There is a Fall Fling that I've attended the last couple of years .. it's in Myrtle Beach, SC in October and we have a blast .. lots of laughing, stitching, shopping and even a stitching class or two *smile*
and here's JBW's Reindeer .. this is taking longer than I thought .. but I'm enjoying watching the reindeer come alive :) The weekend was pretty nice .. I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday and then spent the day doing laundry and stitching .. later DH and I went to dinner and a movie .. we went and saw Knocked Up. It was much better than I expected, even DH enjoyed it. Today was spent watching the nascar race and stitching .. Chris and Monica helped organize a big Subaru carshow/camping trip ... Robert and one of his friends went and had a great time.

I'm really looking forward to this week .. we have the 4th off and then I'm taking the rest of the week off on vacation .. will be wonderful to work two days and then have the rest of the week off *smile*

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I'm grateful for new scissors *grin*


Vonna said...

You've been busy stitching and stashing! I just got myself a pair of Glory's Ginghers too! I got them in the mail on Saturday....I figured with a July 5th birthday, I needed a pair of patriotic scissors to celebrate :) Actually, I just wanted them REALLY badly! LOL!

Sally said...

Very nice new stash Michele. I've just treated myself to a needleminder as an ONS over here had the angel on mauve one on sale. I can't get over how strong the magnets are!

Lovely WIPs too.

Cheryl said...

Great stash!! I love those new lizzie kate charts

Carla said...

Lots of lovely wips! :)

Juls said...

Wonderful WIP's and love the Boo needleminder! I may just have to get that one as well.......Halloween is one of my favorite times of year! I would probably use it all year though :)

Ranae said...

Nice stash! great WIP's. i enjoyed browsing your blog. I will be back to see the progress.

The Silver Thistle said...

Great progress pics and lovely stash!

I'm liking the q snap huggers too! Very colourful and just the sort of thing I fall for, lol.

Nancy said...

Hello, and thanks for your comment on my blog! You have some nice WIPs. I love your French Country Reindeer! I have the cat and pumpkin but haven't started them yet. One of these years!

Happy stitching,