Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A few pictures to share ...

Happy February everyone!  Can't believe January is already gone ... where the heck is time going??  Moving way to fast in some areas and not fast enough in others! lol

We are still trying to get over our Seahawks losing the Superbowl ... shakes head ... but we still love them!  Should be interesting who comes back next year ... keeping my fingers crossed the team stays pretty much intact.

Now that football season is over I'm looking forward to a great Nascar racing season and some great soccer ... yep, I do love my sports!

I got a bug up my butt last week about all the finished stitching I have laying around that needs to be finished so I can enjoy it.  I'm sending a few things off to be finished but thought I'd do a little finishing myself ... ya know I don't like to finish things, but well they turned out pretty cute, even if I do say so myself! lol ... I stitched these two Bent Creek snappers last year ... now I get to enjoy them *smile*

I stitched a couple of these reindeer I think last year, might have been 2013 ... I love how it looks in the watch fob!
Let it Snow is a new design from Cathy of Hands On Designs ... the series is called A Year In Chalk ... looks like a fun series and I like Let It Snow a lot ... but stitching with white is never my favorite thing to do lol ... I found this chalkboard easel at Hobby Lobby ... I hope my idea works!

This is a wip of mine from 2 years ago ... don't know why it took me so long to be back to it, cause I'm loving stitching it.  Do you find some designs are calming to you to stitch?  This one is!  It's been a joy working on ... it's Quaker Christmas by Moonlight Stitching ...

Our life has been upside down lately.  My father in law, who will be 93 on March 1st, ended up in the hospital on January 11th.  He's been battling congestive heart failure and took a fall on the 11th that put him in the hospital .. didn't break anything, thank goodness!  He spent about 3 weeks in the hospital, now is in a rehab center.  We've been very lucky all these years ... his health has been great and his mind is sharp has a tack.  He's been living alone since his wife passed about 10 years ago.  Terry's the only sibling living close ... his sister lives in New Mexico, so Terry's been the one to help his dad with most everything.  Since his hospitalization, Terry's been living down at his dad's house, taking care of the dog, the house and the bills, plus being there at the hospital/rehab center for his dad.  It's been odd not having him around ... we meet on Saturdays for a movie and lunch ... catching up ... and he comes to the house about once a week to help with stuff around here and to do any work that he can't do at his dad's.  He's pretty flexible working for himself and being able to work from anywhere, for the most part.  We don't think Al, my FIL, will be able to go home and be as independent as he was before the fall.  His strength just isn't coming back very fast and his driving days are over.  Not sure what the next few months will bring us ... but positive thoughts and prayers would be wonderful!  Ahhhhh another stage of life for us.

Thanks for visiting ... love hearing from you all!

I hope you find your Joy in your stitches ...

I'm grateful for a loving and supportive husband ...


Vickie said...

It feels so great to get things finished off to admire, doesn't it?
I am praying for you and Al. So hard to make big changes. God bless him.

Barbi said...

Wonderful finishes! Something that I have to do myself.

Carol said...

Lovely finishing, Michele--I know what a good feeling it is to have your lovingly stitched projects out and on display for you to enjoy :)

So sorry to read about your father-in-law... it's not easy dealing with aging parents. I know having your husband there to help out must make Al feel much safer... Sending a hug your way!

Paisley said...

Lovely finishes!

Von said...

Nice finishes!
Prayers and best wishes for your father in law's recovery.

Beth Pearce said...

Loving your finishes. It seems very hard to deal with aging parents. Bill and I both lost both parents at a fairly early age, and we did not have to make these hard decisions. All the ladies that I work with are dealing with aging mothers who are widows. They sure are having a tough time. I hope yours will be easier.

Sally said...

Lots of gorgeous finishes Michele.

Thinking of you and your Father in law.

Andrea said...

Wonderful stitching and finishing. Sorry to hear about your f-i-l, parents are always a worry, especially when they reach a good age.

Melanie said...

Really great finishes. I almost got that first Chalk series one. It's adorable.

So sorry to hear about your FIL. It's so hard with aging parents. :(

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