Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Hump Day *smile*

Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday. The family did take me out to The Outback for dinner Friday night and everything tasted wonderful, including a margarita and blooming onions. We had an extra guest at dinner .. a friend of Chris' that we have known since the boys were in high school, Jay. He was Chris' best man. Jay's living and working in London. He works for Expedia and put in for a transfer 2 years ago when there was an opening. He's 26, single, and figured if he was going to do something like this now was the perfect time. Anyway, Jay was home for the holidays and stays with Chris and Monica when he's in town .. there is a reason I'm telling you this little bit about Jay .. while we are enjoying the evening and our desserts, we had 3 different ones split between the 6 of us! lol .. anyway, the check arrives and of course DH reaches for it .. but Jay asks DH for the check .. both DH and I say thanks Jay but dinner's on us. Well, Jay totally surprised both of us and said we'd fed him more dinners over the years than he could count and he really wanted to treat us to my birthday dinner .. my present from him. Well let me just say that between a mushy birthday card from Chris and Jay buying dinner .. I shed a few tears that night .. but happy tears *smile*

Saturday we went to my Dad's for the football game and to celebrate my birthday with my brother and his family .. we had a great time, even though the boys lost .. and it was such an ugly game! I got a gift certificate at my favorite frame shop from my DB and SIL and a couple of knives from my Dad. He got me a set of really nice sharp! knives for Christmas, but the set was missing two sizes he thought were necessary. What a sweetie :)

Sunday was spent watching football .. loved all the wins that day! they were perfect! lol .. grocery shopping and packing a few more Christmas boxes .. actually Christmas is offically put away now .. woo hoo!!!! lol

I received a lovely package from the Stitching Bloggers Birthday Club .. Georgie had my name and she really spoiled me. She stitched for me an adorable pillow, scented with lavender .. the picture is a little out of focus but the pillow is sooo cute! She also included a lovely calendar and postcards from Australia where she lives. There was also a lovely sandlewood candle and a skein of Dinky Dye thread .. and it arrived on my birthday! How cool is that :)

Another little gift arrived on my birthday from Vonna. A very sweet card, new needles (can't we always use new needles!!!) and a skein of the prettiest red thread .. and it's called Ruby Slippers .. which as I told Vonna, was perfect. I just love Dorothy and the movie and everything .. including the wicked witch! lol .. my 2008 calendar at work is Wizard of Oz .. thank you Vonna, that was soo nice of you.

And here's a birthday present from me, to me :) I had read on Nicole's blog about this travel cosmetic bag .. and how nicely it fits stash .. I have a weakness for bags/purses and went searching for one .. this style is being retired. I found it in a pretty lime green (this picture makes the color look horrible!) .

Here's a picture of the inside .. I put my birthday goodies in it to take upstairs to my stitching room .. I sure think I'm going to enjoy this bag :) and it wasn't horribly expensive, I found it on Ebay for $28 which include shipping .. not too bad :)

Nice to see new readers of my blog .. thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments .. I really enjoy reading them *smile*

And Barbara .... My mom was 21 when I was born .. she really could have been my older sister .. and her name was Barbara too *smile*

I'm grateful for weekends with friends and family ...


mainely stitching said...

You've received such lovely gifts for your special day! :D

Ah, young motherhood. My mom was also 21 when I was born. I hope my kids don't think I'm too old ... Yikes!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your case! I love mine! :)

Sally said...

What lovely gifts Michele and I love your bag.

The Silver Thistle said...

Happy belated birthday Michele! Hope it was a good one. It sounds like you had fun.

My mum was 22 when she had me :)

Wanda said...

Oh what a lovely b-day you had, I am sorry that I am just now wishing you a happy birthday. Your exchange was really nice! Hugs

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy belated Birthday! You got some lovely gifties in the mail!

Tanya said...

I love that little travel case - I want one so badly. I had looked at the needlework shop recently because they carry so many Vera bags but I guess this one is discontinued - I thought just a few of the fabrics in it were not to be found but I'll keep looking. I really like the color you got yours in! Nice :) Looks like you did pretty well for your birthday!


Tanya said...

Oh and I love Outback - I think I could scarf down several of those breads. LOL

I did finish Gilmore Girls by the way - boo hoo, I love that show. I have the seasons so I pop an episode in now and then to keep it real for me. LOL