Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wow, can't believe it's Saturday already .. seems like I just posted about the retreat .. how time flies when you are having fun .. lol. Haven't done any stitching this week .. but I've been sorting and putting all my stash away from the retreat. Today was housecleaning and getting the Easter Baskets together .. we have a family tradition that started about 28 years ago .. we put together Easter baskets and deliver them to our friends and family late Saturday night so when they wake up in the morning, the Easter Bunny has been there :) When Terry and I were a bit younger and we didn't have any kids .. the Easter Bunny deliveries happened about 2 or 3 in the morning .. we really didn't want to be caught! lol .. over the years the amount of baskets that we deliver has increased and decreased, depending on who was in our lives at the time, well other than family lol and of course what's in the baskets has changed over the years .. depending on finances and other stuff .. it's almost like Christmas .. I start looking for fun silly stuff for the baskets about 3 months before .. and sometimes I bake .. we always dye eggs.

Thank you all for the comments you leave .. I just love hearing from everyone :) I've decided what I'm going to stitch next .. I'll post my loose rotation ideas later .. dinner is burning! lol

I'm grateful for family traditions ...

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Kim said...

Oh what a great traditon! That is so sweet of you.. I will be waiting for my basket to arrive. he he

Oh, could you email me... I wanna ask you something. :)